Million Pound Mansions – Which Are Britain’s Most Expensive Areas?

The UK has long been known to have some of the most exquisite properties and some of the highest property prices in the world. It should come as no surprise that the English capital – London, is home to the most expensive residential properties on the British Isles. Here are some of the million pound pads tucked away in London’s leafy streets.

Kensington Palace GardensIf you have twenty million pounds ready to spend on a home, then you need Billionaire’s Row also known as Kensington Palace Gardens in N8 post code. The area houses some the most expensive residences in the world, as well as the most expensive homes in the UK. The address can be described as extremely exquisite, where even many high rollers can only dream of living. Imagine how much removal services would cost when moving into one such home – nothing really, compared to the house price…

If you were willing to spend fourteen million pounds on your home, then consider The Boltons in SW10 post code of the English capital. The street boasts the second highest property prices in the UK. It is estimated that the average price of a square foot of property in The Boltons is nearly twelve hundred pounds. Some of the upsides of living in The Boltons include having Madonna as your next door neighbour.

In case you are willing to fork out about eleven million pounds on a house in London, check Frognal Way in North West London (NW3). The housing stock in the area dates back to a time when moving services were somewhat unavailable – the Victorian Era. The beautiful period homes in Frognal Way are known for their exceptionally grand architecture – characteristic after the eighteen seventies.

In case gated community living is more your thing, then get out your cheque book and jot this down – eight million pounds for a home on Compton Avenue, Highgate, N6. This is a private residents only road, with armed security restricting unauthorised access to residents at all times. Properties on Compton Ave, give residents access to existential amenities like Highgate Golf Course.

When the cost of relocation services is not a factor, one can consider purchasing a place Park Place Villas, W2 for about seven odd million pounds. The area is characterised by the grandeur of Grade II listed stucco properties with lavishly large gardens and plenty of parking for Rolls and Bentleys. Overall, Park Place Villas has some of the biggest residences in the city, with an average square footage of…who knows, they so big!

When looking for a more contemporary mansion, again in the vicinity of seven or so million pounds, buyers should check out Courtenay Avenue in N6. This northwest London locality is also a gated community featuring stunning examples of modern mansions, ranging from traditional red brick-white pillar types, to clean cut minimalistic residences.

If looking for something more basic, like an apartment, for the “mere” sum of six million pounds, then consider Manresa Road in the heart of Chelsea (SW3). Although six or seven million pounds can seem like a bit of a steep price for a flat, in Henry Moore Court (the development on Manresa Rd) buyers get exceptionally finished properties with plenty of outside space.

BAR Raises and Affirms Quality Commitment

BAR or the British Association of Removers has announced its new partnership with the UK’s largest consumer body in strive to make removal services industry more trustworthy and reliable for customers. The new scheme is called Trusted Trade.

BAR LogoThe new arrangement will basically help customers make an informed decision when hiring reputable, professional and reliable moving services. The idea is for professional removal service providers to join the Trusted Trade scheme and be listed officially as certified and trusted companies, both by BAR and the Trusted Trade program. This is basically a dual recognition and approval for moving companies.

Just like BAR membership imposes certain responsibilities and codes of conduct upon removal services providers, membership in the Trusted Trade program does the same. The program is designed to protect and promote consumer/customer rights beyond the basic requirements of the law. The overall aim of the program is to improve business practices and customer rights and care, thus strengthening the property removals industry as a whole.

People who are looking for commercial or residential removal services of the required quality and reliability will be the biggest winners of the Trusted Trade scheme as they will be able to choose a double endorsed service provider thus being confident in choosing the best. This will also benefit relocation services providers without a doubt as being part of a nationally recognised industry program will strengthen their market position and presence.

The British Association of Removers sets the benchmark in consumer protection and promotion of quality service standards. BAR membership certifies that a given moving services company is reputable, professional and reliable. Three quarters of all people have indicated that using a BAR certified removal company gives them the necessary peace of mind.

BAR have been quite busy this year, as they have also launched a new trade association for single-location removal services, known as Federation of Removers (FOR). Currently, FOR is a brand new, non-profit trade organisation with the goal of enhancing the reputation and reliability of the professional removals industry. Secondary aim of FOR is to provide its member companies with a comprehensive range of essential services, guidance and advice in developing professional work standards and ethics, for their own benefit and that of end customers.

FOR reaches the removals industry at grass root level. Besides applying the guidelines and norms set by BAR, the newly formed association applies its own set of industry excellence practices (approved by BAR as well). The code of conduct and the guidance provided to removal service providers encompasses a wide range of industry aspects, from mitigating and settling disputes to coming up with highly efficient property removal schemes.

FOR can be joined by any removal services provider, who is a UK based business, trading in the single-location national removals industry. Generally FOR (and BAR) welcome any reputable removal company which demonstrates commitment to high professional standards and ethics. Improvements brought upon the new trade and industry schemes are expected as early as the next one or two years.

Commercial Property in London Set to Reach New Heights

London’s skyline is set to undergo some major changes as commercial property development and construction around the city is at its highest since two thousand three. The resurgence of commercial property construction will take the shape of a number of new towers planned for the city of London. Looks like commercial removal services providers will be quite busy in the next couple of years. The survey outlining the upcoming developments was conducted by the New London Architecture (NLA) Think Tank.

The expected new developments are not a random occurrence, but the result of a notable trend. Market analysts and industry observers are reporting a steady increase of two percent per month in development of commercial properties in London since February of twenty fourteen. Proposals for nearly two hundred and fifty tall buildings over twenty storeys in height are currently pending approval by city authorities or have already been given the greenlight.

As of April twenty fourteen, NLA has been able to showcase most of the plans and projects, part of London’s growing and expanding skyline. Currently, thirty three buildings of up to fifty storeys have been included in the expansion plans, and twenty buildings over fifty storeys have also been included. A total of twenty percent of all commercial property high-rise projects proposed are currently under constructions – looks like commercial removals companies have their work cut out for them.

A decent portion of the high rise building projects would be residential blocks. Interestingly enough, these residential projects are not situated only in affluent areas of the city, showing the desire to eradicate inequality and pockets of deprivation. London’s East End, particularly Tower Hamlets will be at the receiving end of twenty three percent of the planned commercial property developments.

London CityCentral and East London will scoop about seventy seven percent of the total planned commercial developments. In actual numbers, eighteen buildings are office developments, eight of them are hotels, thirteen are going to be mixed use, and one is an educational institution. Removal services companies will have to diversify their range quite a bit if they are to cater to such a wide array of clients.

Analysts attribute the recent flurry of activity and the livening up of the construction and property development industry in the city, to the London Crossrail project. Most likely, the Crossrail scheme is stimulating construction and development along its route. Since the first proposal bill of the Crossrail project was reviewed by parliament nine years ago, commercial properties within half a mile of the new railway stations, have increased in value by fifteen percent. Much of the interest toward new commercial property developments in the capital has actually come from overseas investors – good news for international removal services providers, as much work is on the horizon.

Although it seems London is a ‘black-hole’ for investment capital, the city is not depriving the rest of the country from investments, which is clearly shown by annual growth to date – London has grown commercially by thirty six percent, while the rest of the country has grown commercially by thirty two percent.

How to Plan and Execute an Inter-City Removal

You were offered the position of your dreams but the downside is that you have to move to another city. While taking such a decision isn’t easy, moving to another city is much harder. This is why we have decided to write down a step by step tutorial on relocating for all first time movers that are moving to another city because of their careers.

The first that you must do is to request a written job offer from your future employer. This will give you the certainly that your new position is a done deal and that you can proceed with the relocation arrangements.

The second thing that you must do, is to contact your currently employer and hand him a 30 day notice that you will be leaving. It is very important that you notify your currently employer in full accordance with the parameters of your employment agreement because if you don’t your present employer may hamper your relocation.

Moving to another CityNext head to the offices of your utility service providers and notify them that you will cease using their services because you are moving to another city. If some of the providers have offices in your new city, you can request them to transfer your account to your new address. Ultimately the choice is yours whether you will transfer your account or close them, but you will have to hand in a notice about your intentions to move.

Now allocate a relocation budget and stick with it to the letter. By having a moving budget you will protect from overspending on moving supplies and removal services. Keep in mind that removals can be quite costly so if you can have your future employer cover the expenses of your move.

Next scout your area for moving companies that provide inter-city relocation services. Don’t make the common mistake a booking the first company that you find. Instead scout numerous companies and hire the company that has the friendliest and finest quality/price ratio. Also always seek for a company that provides full removal services which basically include packing, loading and transportations services plus moving insurances. This way you will have the peace of mind that your relocation will be handled by a team of professionals and that you will get reimbursed in the case of an accident.

When you are deciding what to take with you, don’t bother on reflecting whether you should take every day items with you. Instead throw away or donate these items as you will purchase new ones once your relocation is over. Also don’t bring along too much memorabilia. You are starting a new chapter in your life, so there is no use of bringing things that will remind of your former life.

Once you have sorted everything out, contact your new landlord at least a week before your arrival and notify him when exactly you will be arriving. This way you will give your landlord enough time to prepare your new home.

As you can city planning and conducting an inter-city relocation can be laborious and time consuming, so don’t wait a minute longer to roll up your sleeves and star working on your move.

The Particularities of the Italian Way of Life

Italy is the country of ancient ruins, great sculptors and painters, pizza and pasta and last but not least football. Italy is also one of the leading countries in Europe and this is why people from all over the continent and the world go there to seek a better life.

If you are one of these people that are several things that you should know about Italy before you buy your airline tickets and book the removal services of moving company. Fortunately for you we have listed down the most important things that you must know about the country.

The VaticanItalians tend to walk a lot. In fact you can be more than certain that during the first weeks of your new Italian life you will walk so much that you will lose weight rapidly. However don’t be happy or alarmed about this fact because once you taste Italian gelato (ice cream) you will quickly regain your weight and add a couple of more pounds to it.

Just like with ice creams, Italians are very proud of their coffee. It fact coffee is so worshiped in Italy that the locals have a special coffee drinking habits. For instance Italians drink Capuccino only in the morning, on the other hand you have drink “un café” (a shot of espresso) at any time of the day. Also when you are invited into a home don’t bother asking for a Capuccino because they won’t make it for you. Last but not least know that in some bars and cafes the Capuccino is known as an Americano.

Italian people are quite. This means that you won’t have a hard time making new friends. However note that Italians are also very touchy-feely, so if you are a man be ready to be kissed and hugged by other people on a regular basis. Also, if you are women – be ready for a lot of flirting because Italian men are both flirty and romantic at the same time.

If you have the habit of going to church, know that you cannot enter a church without your shoulders covered. So bear that in mind if you’re religious and intend to attend a church there. Alternatively you can always cover your shoulder with a nice scarf.

Italian vendors don’t have the habit of smiling to customers. Don’t take that for rudeness – its just a different social norm. It is completely acceptable in Italy for a shop keep not to smile at customers and yet not to offend anybody. So if you decide to use the services of a company that provides international removal services, don’t be alarmed by the grumpy pair of removalist that will show at your door step.

When you are invited to someone’s home, never under any circumstances show empty handed. In Italy showing empty handed is considered as a rude insult. So before you knock of your host’s door, make sure that you pass by a store a buy a bottle of wine or some sweets, or flowers or something.

Reduce the Stress of Moving for Your Kids – by Reading

If you think that your upcoming home removal is going to be stressful for you, think about what it is going to be like for your kids. Chances are that they are much more attached to your current home than you suppose, and even if this is not so, the change of setting, the new neighbourhood, the fact that they leaving their friends and school behind may turn out to be quite a shock.

FamilyThere are many things that you can do in order to cushion the blow, from simple positive reinforcement to finding removal services provided by specialists with experience in moving families with kids, but we are ready to bet good money that you have not thought about books.

Books are proven to be a great way for stress-relief by a number of reliable scientific studies. They enable one’s mind to be more open about change, new experiences and the world in general. And, surprisingly enough, reading proves to be a great way to reduce your children’s stress about your upcoming removal.

There are many books that have been specifically written in order to help kids cope with the stress of home removals. We are going to bring to your attention several titles that have been given the best reviews.

If your kid is a little older, like 8-12 years of age, the great practical guide called “The Moving Book – A Kids’ Survival Guide” and written by Gabriel Davis would be the perfect read for him or her, mainly because of the useful advice that is to be found between the covers of the book.

Heather Maisner has written a wonderful account of the moving experience for kids from toddlers to the age of around 8 called “We’re Moving”. The book describes all stressful situations that a kid faces due to a removal and tells how to tackle them.

“Little Princess Story – I Want to Go Home” by Tony Ross is a great tale about what a home is like – not only brick and mortar, but family and friends, security and cosiness too. There is no better way to show your little ones that home is not where your house is, but where your family is.

“My Best Friend Moved Away” by Nancy Carlson is another of our offers. This is a picture book that deals with one of the major fears that every kid whose family is moving faces – the fact that they are leaving their friends and best friends more of everything behind. The book, of course, has a happy end that will help your 2-5 year-old realize that there are many positive sides to moving homes and things are not as grim as they may look like.

Stan and Jan Berenstain have authored the humorous adventure called The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day, which is written in a light, accessible language and definitely help your kids aged 3-7 see the fun in the experience of moving homes.

There are, of course, many other similar titles that you can look into. By using books as stress-relieve, you are going to do two goods at once – you will help your kids go through the stressful experience of moving easier and encourage them to read.

Make Your Move a Less Costly Endeavor

Cheap RelocationWhen you are planning a home removal of any kind, it is always a good idea to go to the experts in the field for advice on how to plan and execute the project so that it presents you with as little stress and strain as possible. In this case, we are going to save you the effort, because we have complied some advice based on the experience of some of the best movers in town, so that you can make your relocation far more cost efficient.

Your budget is likely to be under a lot of strain even as it is – expenses for finding the new place where you are moving in, as well as other related matters would be enough even if you did not have to pay for professional removal services. So here is a list of tips that will help you reduce the cost of your removal:

  • Choose the day for your relocation wisely. Have in mind that for contractors, the busiest days are Fridays, weekends and around the end of the month. Logically, it is most expensive to hire a moving company in those days. If you go for the beginning of the month removal, or choose to carry out the job during the week, that will considerably reduce costs.
  • Make sure that you have got rid of all unnecessary items in your old place, so that you can reduce the number of objects you are going to take with you, thus saving on both packing and moving. You can simply throw away the unwanted items, or give them to charity. Even sell them online so that you help yourself patch the budget.
  • Most contractors would offer to do the packing for you. It is a vital part of every removal and you would want to have the job done properly and quickly, which your removalists of choice would be able to do. The problem is that you are going to have to pay for that luxury. Instead of getting trained specialists do the packing, just do it yourself. Even if you do not decide to go for that service with your contractors, they will still be glad to provide you with high quality packing materials, so that you can do the job on your own – and they will definitely come on a good price. Then you will have to set aside several days before the actual move, so that you can tackle the task properly and hassle-free, while saving good money.
  • The best thing to do however is to get acquainted with the prices on which moving companies in your area work and thus make it possible for you to pick up the one that offers the best deal. Fortunately, it is quite an easy task to accomplish, since the only thing you have to do is to get in touch with all of the contractors and request a quote from each and every one of them. Then make your choice.

A hassle free move is possible if you are properly prepared

Woman in Living RoomLet’s start with the real bad news – the only way to have a thoroughly hassle and stress free moving experience and not put yourself and your family under any pressure or strain is to actually give up the removal. This, of course, is not possible for a number of reasons – you might be relocation because of the requirements of your new job, because your old place does not comply with your needs anymore, or in the ideal case – because you have found the house of your dreams. So one thing is clear – the removal is inevitable. What you should do now is think of strategies that are going to make it as pleasant and comfortable an experience as possible.

Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do in that direction that are going to provide you with quite satisfactory results. Moreover, the greater part of them is not related to additional expenses that are going to put strain on your budget. Remember, the main goal is to reduce stress as much as possible.

  • First and foremost, you should start looking for removal services available in your area in advance. The sooner you start, the better your chances are of finding the perfect contractor for you. Check the local business guides and find the companies that operate in your area. When you pick up a moving contractor, book their services in advance – in that way you are likely to even get a discount!
  • De-clutter your property. Chances are that there are a lot of unnecessary items accumulated in your old place that you would neither want nor need to get with you when you are moving. So sort everything out and get rid of the items that you deem unnecessary. In that way you are going to reduce the number of objects that you need to get packed and loaded on your movers’ truck/van. Some of them you can even sell for a little profit, especially if we are talking about old furniture or clothes.
  • Keep panic at bay. You do not need it, especially on your moving day. Get everything planned. More importantly, make lists of everything that you need to be taken care of. Thus you will avoid forgetting something important and causing yourself unnecessary stress when the time comes to move.
  • Get moving insurance. In this way you will worry less about your items getting damaged during the transportation process. If you have hired a good removal company, it is unlikely that such a thing is going to happen, but it is always good to be prepared, isn’t it?
  • Get all documents in order. You should check out the regulations of the local council at the place you are moving into. Change your driver’s license and ID. Make sure that everything is fine with the enrollment of your kids at school in your new place of residence and find a new General Physician in advance.

Free tablets for the students at the University of East London

London is a huge place and it is normal that many accidents happen on a daily basis here. So it comes as no surprise that the information websites as well as the newspapers are overflowed with bad news. But there are some really positive ones too.

An example for that is the latest decision of the administration of the University of East London, who decided to give a free tablet to every new student enrolled in the programs of the university new year. This means that 4000 freshmen are going to get a welcome gift from their university at the beginning of the school year. The tablets are going to be pre-loaded with free textbooks too. The aim of the program is to help the new students is their first steps in the journey of the academic study.

This is a sort of a social-aid program, according to the university vice-chancellor John Joughin, who says that the gift is going to provide a “level playfield for all students” participating in the courses of the University of East London.

The tablets are going to be Samsung 8. They will come with both digitalized information about starting university from which all students are going to benefit, as well as free access to library resources. Prof Joughin has said “We are delighted to be putting support directly in the hands of our students and providing them with a state-of-the-art learning platform for the duration of their studies.”

University of East LondonModern day students feel much more comfortable in the digital world than the analog one that the university library usually provides. So the electronic texts books sound like the best way to help them begin their studies.

The tablets are going to be given to all students, no matter what courses they are enrolled in or what their country of origin is. For example among the first students who have made use of the free tablets were a psychology student from Norway and an anthropology student from Italy.

The program has a two-fold purpose. On one hand it will definitely make studying far easier and more accessible to as many young students as possible. On the other hand however, the administration of the University of East London hopes that they are going to attract more people to their institution. The last several years have marked a serious competition among educational institutions and the universities are always on the lookout for new ways to make their programs attractive to potential pupils.

Getting more students in the University of East London will definitely help boost the social status and the economy of the local community. More students mean not only stability for the university itself, but also an increase in the demand for such services as end of tenancy cleaning, food delivery and the entertainment industry. Students are known to look for end of tenancy cleaning services far more often than other residents of London, because they want to get their rental deposits back at any cost.

Tips on how to move abroad move easily

You have decided to move abroad because you need a change of scenery and because you will have better career opportunities. But moving abroad isn’t as easy as most people think and this is why we have decided to turn your attention on several moving tips that will ease your relocation.

You must start by making a relocation plan and following it blindly. Moving abroad without a plan will undoubtedly make your relocation a nightmarish task that you will end up regretting. Also make sure that you draft a moving budget to protect yourself from overspending. Assign a budget that is big enough so that you can cover any unexpected expenses if they occur during the move.

Your next step should be to seek out and hire a man and van company that provides international removals. Keep in mind that long-distance removals can be expensive so scout several moving firms until you find a company that provides international relocation at a reasonable price.

International RelocationNow that you have made your moving plan, assigned your budget and hire a moving company you must find accommodations. You can either book a hotel room and stay at the hotel until you find yourself a place to live in or you can explore various real estate websites. Both approaches have their pros and cons but if you are on tight budget the latter approach is more preferable.

Now you must prep yourself emotionally. Despite the fact that you have chosen to move away you will still feel nostalgia and you will most certainly miss your family and friends. You must make peace with the fact that there will be days when you will feel sad about your decision. Also you must understand that the first couple of months will be very hard on you and that you will feel exhausted most of the time because you will be bombarded with mix emotions on a daily basis.

Next head to a bank or change bureau and convert your money. You must convert your money prior of your departure because you won’t know how the exchange system in the country to which you are moving is working and ending up in a foreign country without local currency isn’t something that you want to experience.

Last learn as much of the local language as you can. By speaking the local language you will be able to make contacts more quickly and therefore get accustomed to your new environment more quickly.