The Luton Van – History, Origins and Characteristics

If you have ever tried to hire a professional man and van in London, you probably had to decide on the type of moving van that your skilled mover had to use to transport your items. In most of the cases, you get to choose between short, medium and long wheelbase vehicles or a Luton van. The latter seems to stand out of the four, not only with its name but also with its interesting appearance.

How to Move a Garden Shed

A garden shed is an excellent storage building and a fine addition to any outdoor space, being a small garden or a spawning property in the countryside. Even if you love the way your garden shed looks, for a variety of reasons you might feel compelled to relocate it to another place at some point. Moving the shed properly to the new location might be a challenging task that requires a lot of preparation. Nevertheless, you will be able to complete the project the way you are supposed to in case you approach the job with the necessary vigilance, and have the right tools and help at hand.