Proper Lifting Techniques for Your Home Removal

The time to move your home has come – every single piece of furniture is dismantled, every item is in the proper box, you have checked if all medicine and documents are with you, and the rest of the big and small tasks that you know should be tackled before you actually start moving your home are taken care of. Now it is time for you to actually get the boxes from the floor and load them on the vehicle that you have to do the actual physical transportation of your property. That is the place that most people find really hard.

The easiest way to make the problem disappear is to, of course, hire a man and van company. Most such contractors send specialists together with the van, who can pack, load and drive your items to the newly assigned location. This is a great and often quite inexpensive way to save yourself all the stress, strain and hassle that the process of home removal usually comes with. If for some reason or another you do not have your man and van technicians by your side to help you with the task, you should know how to approach the whole endeavor in a way that will be easy and negate the risk of injuries.

No LiftingThe most common advice that you are going to get for lifting heavy stuff is to actually lift with your legs. It is easy to say that, but what does that actually mean? This strategy is really simple. It involves putting most of the weight that you have to take care of on your legs, instead on your spine. The legs’ muscles are actually always the strongest in one’s body because they do most of the work. What is really important here however, and what is usually missed is that in addition to putting all the strain on your leg muscles, it is also highly advisable to bring your abdominal muscles in play, so that you can add more stability and further reduce the risk of injuries.

First of all, make sure that everyone involved in the process of loading is acquainted with the plan and how the whole thing is going to be executed. Thus you will ensure no accidents happen.

Start with the first box. Get close to it before you attempt lifting. The closer the object is to the core of your body, the less strain you are going to feel. Keep your feet apart in order to improve your balance – basically it is just like lifting weights at the gym.

Using your abdominal muscles might sound something like fairly complicated, but this could not be farther from the truth – all you have to do is tighten your muscles so that you relieve the pressure from your spine and distribute it to the abdomen. All left for you to do is load the box on the van and repeat until everything is transported. Take short breaks when you feel tired.