Moving House – Some Interesting Facts from Around the World

Obviously, house removals are best done by professional movers i.e. using specialised removal services. Specially organised removal services do take the edge off moving and give owners some degree of peace of mind and assurance, so the overall advice is – don’t brave the removal on your own, you can win, but will cost you too much stress, hassles and resources.

Instead, get in touch with a decent moving company, secure yourself a fully comprehensive removal service, and occupy yourself with these interesting moving house facts, while the movers do the heavy lifting for you.

Research into house removals, has shown that:

  • Moving house is the third most stressful thing in life after the events of divorce and death;
  • Most people move house at least eleven times in their lifetime;
  • In Australia, it is illegal to live in one state or territory and have a motor vehicle registered in another;
  • From nineteen ninety one, to nineteen ninety six, more than six and a half Australians have changed their address i.e. have moved house;
  • Service quotes or estimates for removal services are based on weight or cubic feet;
  • Moving short distance using a locally based removal services provider usually costs you less than hiring a van and doing the shift on your own;
  • HomeJust over sixty percent of all people in the United States, live in the same state or territory they were born in;
  • Reading removal company reviews before choosing your removal service saves you money – the study has been conducted on three different continents and results were indeed the same;
  • When moving home, Australians are required to change the address on their driver’s license and car registration papers;
  • If you want Australia Post to (re)direct your mail to your new address, you need to give them at least three days’ prior notice;
  • The most popular day for house removals in the United States is Friday;
  • The most common reason why Australians moved houses in the period 2006 – 2008 was upgrading from their current home;
  • Research in Australia, United States and Western Europe indicates moving house declines with age;
  • Most Australians who move house, tend to settle relatively close to their old address;
  • Australians who are moving for work or study reasons, tend to move further away from their current address;
  • The most common reason why young Australian couples, with no children are relocating is marriage or moving in with their partner;

There are probably a thousand other facts and figures concerning property removals, but one thing remains certain – moving places is indeed hectic but also an exciting time in a person’s life. Moving places should always be for the better, no matter what the reasons for moving are. When moving, plan well and plan ahead, also – don’t underestimate professional removal services as they do make life easier for everyone.