Thinking of Buying a Period Home? Some Basic Considerations

Many people appreciate the charm and appeal of period homes and willing to go through with the purchase of one such residential property. There are many of these properties available for purchase on the market, but before calculating the removal services costs, there are some essential things to consider. Giving some thought to the issues listed below should help buyers make an informed decision on whether or not this is the right property for them.

Dampness and moisture are perhaps the main concerns for people looking to buy a period home in the UK. Climate specifics in combination with outdated (by today’s standards) building techniques and materials are usually the cause of damp and moisture. On the same note, many times the problem is misdiagnosed and potential buyers decide not to go through with the purchase, when the situation can be rectified by conducting a survey. When it comes to damp control and analysis, it is highly recommended to use a third party who is unbiased, and obviously experienced. A proper analysis will pinpoint the problem (if there is such) and in turn suggest the suitable ways to eradicate dampness and moisture. Keep in mind though, that many period homes are simply prone to dampness and not much can be done about it, without of course spending some serious money.

Purchasing a Period HomeWood boring insects and timber decay are also common issues for many period homes. Again, a proper survey will be needed in order to determine whether or not there is actually a problem. However, timber and woodwork in older homes do suffer from insects and natural decay and if there are visible issues, measures must be taken. In many cases, better indoor ventilation and basic anti-insect treatments will suffice in curbing the problem.

Structural defects and shifts are not uncommon either. Period homes have shifted and settled, just like any modern structure, perhaps even more so. Although not all such flaws are a cause of concern, a proper survey must detect and single out any potential and serious structural problems.

Noise in semidetached period homes is also a problem sometimes. Back when these structures were built, noise insulations were either non-existent or not a priority. Consult with qualified builders and surveyors on whether or not alterations can be made in order to sound proof the place without altering its appearance or characteristics both inside and out.

Another issue to consider before the removal services costs to your new home is flooding. Many older properties have been flooded in the past, or are flooding annually in basements and such. A property prone to flooding can be a problem to insure and maintain.

Many people buy a period home, only to find out that most of its period features and accompanying architecture have been removed or altered i.e. modernised. If you are considering the purchase of one such property try and determine if the cost and hassle of restoring and replacing such missing features is not too much to bear. If buying the property as a remodelling or renovation project, then perhaps missing period features might be a part of the challenge not an issue.