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Domestic and Commercial Removals

Get Removals operates a fleet of specially equipped removal vehicles of different size, wheelbase and payload capacity. Having a large number of variable type removal vans at our disposal gives us the necessary transport efficiency and flexibility.

We will be able to dispatch the necessary number and type of vehicles as per the scale, complexity and time frame of your property removal. All of our vans are specially fitted for lifting and securing of heavy or awkward items thus ensuring safe transit from A to B.

Furthermore, the vans we use are cleaned after every job, fitted with satellite navigation and have real time GPS tracking. Vehicles will arrive at your address fully equipped with the necessary safety blankets, belts, latching and hoists.

Transit Vans

We own a number of Transit Vans. The nimble and compact, standard wheelbase Transit is ideal for negotiating the tight turns of the urban jungle. This van gains easier access to awkward driveways or other hard to reach zones of the property where other vehicle access is not possible. Don’t be fooled by its compact size though, the Transit has more than sufficient load capacity and enough room to fit a fair bit of stuff.

Overall, the standard wheelbase Transit is best suited for small to medium-small removals i.e. the van fits perfectly the entire contents of an average studio flat.

Here are the basic, cargo tech-specs of the Transit:

Approximate cargo bay volume: 250 cubic feet / just over 7 cubic metres;

Max payload capacity: 850 kilograms;

Internal dimensions: L x W x H – 2.24m  x  1.7m  x  1.53m

External dimensions: L x W x H – 4.86m  x  2.36m  x  1.98m

Luton Vans

Luton vans are larger removal vehicles with a separate passenger cab and cargo bay. The Luton vans have more powerful engines, more payload capacity and can haul loads at a longer distance. Another name for these vehicles is Luton Box Vans. Some of our Lutons are fitted with a hydraulic tail lift in order to be able to safely and quickly load heavy items on board.

Here are the basic, cargo tech-specs of the standard wheelbase Luton van:

Approximate cargo bay volume: 500 – 750 cubic feet / or 14 – 21 cubic metres;

Max payload capacity: 1250 kilograms;

Internal dimensions: L x W x H – 4.09m  x  2.07m  x  2.4m

External dimensions: L x W x H – 6.95m  x  2.10m  x  3.14m

Overall, the standard wheelbase Luton van is best suited for domestic removals as the vehicle easily fits the standard contents of a two bedroom house or flat.

Long Wheelbase Transits

When we need to arrange for maximum cargo space, without a decrease in manoeuvrability or losing fuel consumption efficiency, we resort to our LWB vehicles, where LWB stands for long wheel base. The LWB vehicles we maintain give you some serious cargo space and long distance hauling capacity.

Here are some of the basic, cargo tech-specs of our long wheelbase vehicles:

Approximate cargo bay volume: 350 cubic feet / just over 9 cubic metres;

Max payload capacity: 1590 kilograms;

Internal dimensions: L x W x H – 3.29m  x  1.98m  x  1.85m

External dimensions: L x W x H – 5.67m  x  2.38m  x  2.54m

Gross Vehicle Weight: 3 500 kilograms (3.5 tons)

All vehicles are powered by highly efficient turbo diesel engines allowing for maximum hauling capacity at a reduced fuel consumption rate. Vans are driven by seasoned cargo drivers who have many years of experience behind the wheel, and the necessary mileage of experise.

In order to choose the right type of vehicle for your relocation project we might need to visit you in advance for a preliminary viewing, also known as job surveying. The viewing will give us a good indication of the weight, volume and number of items you need shifted.