The best schools in London

Everyone wants only the best for their children. Education, as you very well know, is essential to the way in which our kids grow up and the persons that they become. That is why you should not take the choice of a school in which you are going to send your little ones lightly.

Actually, more and more people relocate their homes entirely so that their kids have access to the best schools the country has to offer – removals for educational purposes they call it. Now, it is not said that you should be so drastic too, but if you have a home removal ahead of you, and you are still wondering where exactly to settle down, you might explore what sort of schools the areas you have laid your eyes on offer and count that as a factor in your decision-making process.

Here are some of the best state schools in London according to the most recent charts:

1)      Camden-School-For-GirlsCamden School For Girls NW5 – well, this is one of the oldest and most advanced all-girls schools in Camden. According to the test scores, nearly one hundred perfect of the pupils there are A-level. Camden School for Girls is definitely one of the best institutions of its kind in the UK.

2)      St Marylebone C of E W1. The Good Schools Guide describes this one as “exceptional, successful inner-city school serving a diverse community with a strong middle-class core”. In addition, it has a very well established art program that will enable your kid to develop further whatever talents he or she has.

3)      The London Oratory in SW6 offers a rarely met in our days mix of strict discipline, rigorous programmes and motivation for academic success. If your kids enroll here, they will be tutored by the best teachers in the country – or at least the best according to the Blairs, the Cleggs and the Harmans, who were with few exceptions all tutored here.

4)      West London Free W6 offers 120 places each year. 10 kids compete for every single one of them. That should be a good enough reason why you should consider it. The reason behind the success of the school is its old-fashioned and very well balanced programme, combined with the fact that the classes here are exceptionally small, thus ensuring every kid get the attention needed.

5)      Ashmole N14 is the school where Amy Whinehouse, Rachel Stevens and many other pop culture icons went to. It has an affinity towards the arts, and it is highly effective. A very good choice.

6)      Mossbourne E5 is the youngest institution on the list. It opened in 2004 in a beautiful and modern building. The facilities are naturally impeccable, the teachers young and very motivated, and the curriculum balanced in accordance to the highest educational standards of the country.

7)      Fortismere N10 is hands down the best school in North London. It is a successor of the experimental Creighton comprehensive. On top of everything, Rod Steward went to school there.