How to Make the Most of the Space in a Storage Unit?

September 13 2022

Renting a storage unit when moving home or relocating business can be a really smart and convenient solution in many different cases. For instance, you can put some of your possessions and furniture in a storage room when you are downsizing to a smaller house or apartment. The same goes if you are getting ready to move abroad and you have just opted for a leading removal service from London to France, for example. Even though many people think of storage facilities as a temporary solution to their problems, the truth is you can rent a unit for an extended period of time. That, however, will cost you more money. But if you book a small storage room, you are guaranteed to make things a bit easier on your budget. Still, before you go out and rent a minuscule unit, you need to remember the following tricks that will help you maximise the space in the storage room:

  • Take furniture pieces apart
  • Pack large items first
  • Install shelves
  • Rely on the Russian Doll packing method

Disassemble your furniture

Even if you do not own a lot of flat-pack furniture pieces, you will still be able to dismantle some of them. So, arm yourself with a toolbox and patience. Also, if your furniture comes with a manual or an instructions leaflet of some sort, read through it to see whether it includes tips on how to disassemble the piece. Dismantled furniture is not only easier to store, but it is also easier to handle and to transport.

Heavy and bulky items go in first

The first things that should go in the storage are those possessions and furniture that are not only bulky but also heavy. Put them at the very back of the unit. Such items should make up the first few stacks in the room.

Stack everything vertically

Speaking of stacking, stick to a vertical rather than to a horizontal approach. In other words, stack your belongings high. Again, the heaviest and bulkiest of your possessions need to be at the very bottom of the stack and things that are lightweight, fragile and delicate need to be at the top. Otherwise, they may break.

Install shelves

If your storage service providers allow for it, you can install shelves on the walls in the unit. That will further help you maximise the space in it.

Use the Russian Doll technique

Maximise not only the space in the storage room but also that found inside some of your belongings. For example, if you plan to put a suitcase in the unit, fill it up with items. Do the same with the drawers of furniture pieces to make the most of all the space.

Ensure easy access to everything

When we say that you need to make the most of the room in a storage unit, we do not mean that you should fill every nook and cranny in it. If you do that, later you will have a really hard time finding specific items there. Try and leave an empty lane in the middle of the room. That will let you get all the way to back of the unit. Also, label all of the boxes and make an inventory list. If the unit ends up being very crowded, take things further and make an inventory map.