Money-saving packing tips and tricks

April 18 2022
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Let’s face it: removal is expensive. However, there are ways to save money. For example, get rid of items you no longer use and reduce moving costs, sell some stuff, minimize packing supplies, etc. In this article we will focus on how to save money when packing. Here are some useful tips.

Plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes

Various currenciesPlastic containers have a number of advantages. Even though they are more expensive than cardboard boxes, a great thing about them is that you can reuse them over and over again and use them for storing items later on. Also, it is easier to pack and move them, and you won’t have to worry about the safety of your precious items. So, buying plastic containers will save you money in the long run as you can reuse them later. However, if this is a big investment for you, you can always rent them from removal companies. Contact Get Removals and find out if they rent (or buy) these containers. They won’t charge you much and you will enjoy the convenience and other qualities of these containers when packing your belongings.

Trash bags

You can use cheap trash bags to pack some items when moving. Since they rip easily, you don’t want to use them for packing valuable or heavy items. But they are perfect for packing your clothes, linens, pillows, bedding, etc.

Used Boxes

Used boxes are free so this is an excellent way to save money. Instead of throwing them away there are a ton of things you can do with them. Sturdy cardboard boxes can be used for packing a number of items including books, toiletries, footwear, etc. You can find some at your local supermarket or other stores. Most of them will be happy to give them to you because they recycle them anyway. Also, ask your friends and neighbors for some clean and strong boxes. I am sure they will have one or two.

Newspapers and linens

Since bubble wrap is expensive and also recyclable, perhaps you should think about using an alternative to cut down the costs of your removal. You can use linen and towels to wrap your valuable and fragile items to make sure they remain intact during the transportation. You can also use newspapers or shredded paper to protect your glassware and other delicate items.

Get rid of some stuff

Here is a smart way to save some money when packing. Actually, this is about what you won’t have to pack. Get rid of all those items that you don’t use anymore, and the items that are broken or old. Not only you will need less packing supplies and boxes, but you will also save money during removal because the more items you move, the more expensive it will be. Movers charge you by the weight of the items moved so the less you have, the more money you will save. Additionally, think about the fact that your new house will be cleared out of the stuff that are unnecessary and would only take up the space. Moreover, you can sell some of those items and earn money! Someone else will make a use of them for sure.