Have a Greener Home Now

Home removals are a great occasion to start your life clean in every sense. That is the perfect time for turning your whole lifestyle greener too. We are not talking about going full environment-friendly mode, but rather to do little changes to the way you approach otherwise trivial everyday aspects of your existence. Those little things can actually have great impact so it is highly advisable not to overlook them.

We are talking about such matters like:

  • Plastic-bagsPlastic bags are the first thing you should start with. Plastic bags take centuries to decompose. The amount of fresh water needed for the production of only one plastic bag is so huge that using those items should be criminalized. Especially when there is cheaper, more sustainable and definitely environment friendly alternatives like biodegradable poly bags, or even those made out of fabric.
  • Rethinking what cleaning products you use for maintaining your new household. Most products even today contain chemical substances that can be pretty harmful both to you and nature. Fortunately, greener alternatives that contain environment friendly formula are more and more frequently to be found on the market. It is more than certain that you can find an abundance of those in your local supermarket. The big problem with green cleaning products in the recent past was that they were considerably more expensive than the regular chemical cleaners. Today this is no longer an issue, since prices are almost always equal. So it is only a matter of choice.
  • Paper towels are among the most frequently featured cause for household waste polluting the environment. Paper towels are to be found in nearly every British home, so they are definitely a considerable issue. A bamboo roll that you can wash multiple times in the washing machine together with the laundry will do the same job as the paper towel. The difference is that one reusable towel equals in 60 rolls of paper ones. You can do the math on your own and calculate how much you are helping the environment by dropping paper towels from the list of household items.
  • The light bulbs that you use at your place are another thing that with a little investment and effort can help you make your whole household greener. Light bulbs are generally not the most energy efficient part of the house. Did you actually know that only five percent of the energy used in regular light bulbs is transformed into light? CFLs however use 75 percent less energy than most regular models on the market. They are a little more expensive, but have the positive side of having longer life-span. And they are so much more energy efficient.

These are only the most basic examples. Now it is not necessary to start following them only when you move to a new place, but as we have already mentioned, a home removal is the perfect way to start fresh, so if you need a reason to change your ways, there would be no better one that this.