Some Clever Ideas on How to Utilise Space at Home

Many people who move house opt for an already furnished home as this might save time and money from buying and installing new furnishings. This is also common practice for many individuals who are renting or leasing their home, meaning they don’t plan to stick around for too long at the new place. On the other hand, ready furnished homes may not provide the same storage capacity people normally require to keep their belongings. One way to overcome the situation is to leave some items behind and lighten the load, this would make the removal project a little cheaper too, but this isn’t always an option.

An easy and quick way to create extra storage space in many rooms of the house is to store items and belongings on top of cabinets, cupboards and wardrobes. These shouldn’t be heavy or bulky objects though as you don’t want things accidentally falling on people. If size and dimensions of heavy items allow, they can be stored effectively in the empty space behind a door for example.

The kitchen is usually an area of the house where people need more storage space for appliances, utensils, accessories etc. In case the kitchen at the new place is not as large, but there are lots of bits and pieces to store, it might be a good idea to install hook boards or hook lines where things like aprons, pans, mugs etc. can be hung. This might appear messy at first, but hanging items on walls is very functional and does open up extra space.

Hanging items on walls is a principle that can be applied in many areas of the house. For example, garage, utility closet, basement etc. are all areas that can be fitted with braces or hooks so that sporting gear, bikes, tools and machinery etc. can be hung. For this though it will be necessary to use heavy duty hooks that can support the weight of your stuff.

The bedroom is another problematic area where most people would be happy to have some more room for storing things. Depending on the type of furniture present in the bedroom, there might be different storage options. For instance, certain types of bedding provide storage space under the mattress. Another example – rearranging the wardrobe or walk in closet might open up a decent amount of extra storage space.

BasementThe attic, basement and garage can also provide lots of storage space, but not all items can be kept there as moisture, condensation and household pests are an issue in many cases. Be smart and carefully decide what stuff can stay there and what needs to be kept in rooms.

Extra storage space can be found in the most unusual of places. Take a good look at the available options provided by the new house and by all means use your ingenuity. Keep in mind that simple solutions are usually the most effective, and that rearranging items or certain pieces of furniture might be all that’s needed to get the most out of your new home.