Top Relocation Problems and How to Quickly Solve Them

December 23 2021

If you are currently preparing to move, the last words you would want to see or hear in the same sentence are “relocation” and “problems.” But often times the best way to avoid hiccups, delays and other setbacks is by anticipating the problems before their strike you out of the blue. How can you do that? You are in luck because this guide will get you ready for some of the most common moving problems:

  • Not having enough money to move all of your items
  • Failing to hire a moving company on time
  • Struggling to pack some of your possessions
  • Not being able to fit the furniture through the door

We will go even farther by also giving you a solution on how to manage each of these unpleasant relocation scenarios as soon as they occur.

Moving all of your stuff will cost you a fortune

Your moving estimate shows that you will need to break the bank in order to pack and relocate all of your items. This is something which can happen to both households and businesses of absolutely any size. The more stuff you need to prep for the road and transport to your new home or office, the bigger the transit van will need to be. Naturally, that quickly brings your expenses up.


Declutter! This should always be the first stage of any move. Go through all of your clothes and personal possessions and sell, donate or throw away everything that you have not used in a long time. For businesses that seek to receive budget-friendly office removals in London, going digital is one of the best ways to do it. Digitalise your documents and files and back them up on the cloud. You will be surprised how much room you will save in the moving vehicle just by doing that.

You did not book movers in advance

It is recommended to start looking for a removals company several weeks or even months before your moving day. If you did not manage to hire movers in advance, you may end up putting up with second-tier quality and overpriced moving services.


You have wasted enough time. So, act now! Go online and read client reviews, use price comparison apps or ask a friend or a neighbour to recommend you a team of reliable pros. The longer you postpone completing this task, the more difficult things will get.

The furniture does not fit through the door

It is important to measure your furniture pieces before your moving day. Failing to do so may lead you to yet another terrible surprise – not being able to fit them through the door.


Do not rush to buy new furniture and do not even think of leaving the one you have right now behind. Instead, disassemble each large piece. That will also make the load lighter and enable you to save some more space in the moving truck and reduce your moving costs even more. If that fails to work for you, consider hiring professional movers. They will come up with a different plan such as moving the furniture out of window. What is more, they will be able to easily and safely carry out that plan.