Tottenham is the Ideal Place in London to Live in – and Here is Why

Tottenham AreaThe property market in the capital is in a total disarray in the past several years, and people planning house removals to certain parts of London are rather confused when it comes down to picking up the area’s that provide the perfect deals. If you are among those people, consider Tottenham. It may very well turn out to be just the thing you have been looking for and here is why:

  • In contrast to the end of the 20th century, when Tottenham was a rather out-of-fortune location, currently many regeneration and gentrification projects have brought the area back to its feet. Today Tottenham has seemingly come back to its roots. In the 19th century, as you may already know, the place was a rather posh affair, more like a village than a proper part of the capital. Then came the railway, and as it always happened at those times, change came as well. Today, on the other hand, Tottenham has grown to be one of the most ethnically diverse places on the planet – few other areas in London, or any other city in the world for that matter – can meet you with people from Kurdish, Portuguese and Congolese descent on one and the same street. Hipsters and BMXers live in a comparatively peaceful co-existence, and even though it is not all good, it is still better than anything that you can experience in other, less fortunate parts of London.
  • Currently there are plans for building tens of thousands of new homes on the territory of Tottenham. Developers consider it an up and coming neighborhood, even though it already has such a long history. Even though many people who are against moving to Tottenham point out the high unemployment rate in the area – which comes with enough social problems in its own right, this is also set to change in the near future. What is more, if you already have a job, this would not be much of an issue for you, right?
  • Commutes from Tottenham are one of the easiest things in the world. The area is very well connected. We are talking about trains, buses and as many as three Tube stations on the Piccadilly and Victoria lines (Oxford Circus in 15 minutes). As of the schools, the rating systems that are currently employed places every single one here in the range between “good” and “excellent”. Clubs, pubs and other social venues are also in abundance all over Tottenham.
  • Last but not least, the property prices in the districts of Tottenham are pretty competitive bearing in mind the London standards. Clyde Circus conservation area is the most expensive part of the borough, with property prices from half a million to a million GBPs. That does not mean that you cannot find a nice terraced house at the modest price of around 350 000 GBP as well in the not so upscale estates as well. All you have to do is look and carefully make your pick.