Radical Ways to Change Your Life for the Better

Current sociological studies show a rather worrying tendency. The level of happiness of people from all over the UK is dropping every year. There are many explanations of such an unpleasant phenomenon, from the unstable global political climate, the wars, terror attacks in the heart of Europe and the uncertain future of the economy – not to mention that we have just recovered from a major financial crisis. Life ImprovementThen there is the modern day’s consumers’ society according to which one cannot be satisfied until one obtains a ton of shiny goods, gadgets and clothes that are actually unattainable by the average citizen. The list of possible reasons for the dropping levels of happiness can continue for long, but the more important thing here is to ask yourself, if you are part of that unsatisfied demographic, what could you do in order to make things better? If you find yourself feeling constantly unhappy about your current state of affairs, probably it is time for you to consider making some major, even radical changes in your life, such as:

  • Stop watching the news. Naturally, it is very important to be informed about what is going on in the country and in the world, especially in our age. The problem is that the problem is that most media outlets – TV, newspapers and those on the internet – are biased and are pulling some sort of agenda. Then again, thanks to the Internet, we are constantly flooded with information that eventually does lead to the exact opposite effect – many people are left confused and frustrated by the abundance of news. Find a few quality outlets that will keep you informed about current events and limit the pointless following of click-bate articles on the web. Such form of information hygiene would be very beneficial to your peace of mind.
  • Work less. It might be easier said than done, but this is a centuries-old wisdom. No matter how much you work, you will never look fondly back to the extra hours you have put in the office. What we remember are the times we have spent with family and friends, or doing our hobbies. If you are a workaholic, it will be much harder for you to adjust to the new schedule, so take small steps. Make a rule not to stay after hours in the office at Friday, and then move on to finding a gradual way to work less and live more. Several years from now you will realize that was the wisest thing you have done in your life.
  • If you feel drastically unhappy with your life at the place you are, an international removal might be just what you need. We live in a time when borders are much more open than ever before, so make use of the opportunity you have and go live in another country – if not permanently, at least for an year. The internet allows you to work from any point on the planet, and you will be much happier and fulfilled this way.