Handle Post-Move Melancholy

June 13 2022

It is commonly known that moving one’s home can be a pretty stressful experience. Due to the much strain and hassle that we go through when dealing with moving firms, packing and arranging the vacation of our current place and the lease for the new one, it is more than likely that we fall victims to the phenomena called “post-relocation depression”. It is more than just bad mood, and it can have many unwanted and rather unpleasant consequences during the time that we must be at our best – when starting a new life at a new place. So, here are several ways in which we can actually achieve that.

Do not venture unprepared

Denying the possibility to start suffering from post removal depression makes it all the more likely you actually do. It is much better to be informed and ready, even if it eventually does not happen to you than to be caught off guard. So, read about it and know what the tell-tale signs are. Another thing that can help you prepare better to battle or even prevent the experience is to make the necessary arrangements for your removal to go as smoothly and without incidents as possible. The best way to do that of course is to hire a reliable removal company in London to be by your side on every step of the project.  A contractor such as Get Removals can be of immense help in such cases.

Create your own environment

MelancholyAt your new house or apartment everything is going to look unfamiliar which can make your bad mood even worse. So, creating a familiar environment is one of the first things that you need to take care of once you arrive. Put up your own decoration and pictures. Arrange the furniture in such a way that will remind you of your previous home. Even painting the walls at your new home in your favourite colour can have a very beneficial effect when it comes to battling the post relocation blues.

Do not forget the old habits

Having a routine is something that is often considered bad. But the truth is that it helps us relax and feel like everything is going to plan. So, if you went out jogging every morning before work, or walked the dog at a regular hour, or had dinner with your family everything evening at 7, there is no more sensible thing to do than to keep doing all those things at your new place as well. The sooner you return to your old, orderly life the better it would be for your potential depression.

Get to know your new community

Meet the neighbours, research local volunteer groups and make new friends from around the neighbourhood. There is no better way to start feeling safe at home than to be involved. At the very least, you will be too busy with doing all those things to think about how bad you feel due to your relocation.