Free tablets for the students at the University of East London

London is a huge place and it is normal that many accidents happen on a daily basis here. So it comes as no surprise that the information websites as well as the newspapers are overflowed with bad news. But there are some really positive ones too.

An example for that is the latest decision of the administration of the University of East London, who decided to give a free tablet to every new student enrolled in the programs of the university new year. This means that 4000 freshmen are going to get a welcome gift from their university at the beginning of the school year. The tablets are going to be pre-loaded with free textbooks too. The aim of the program is to help the new students is their first steps in the journey of the academic study.

This is a sort of a social-aid program, according to the university vice-chancellor John Joughin, who says that the gift is going to provide a “level playfield for all students” participating in the courses of the University of East London.

The tablets are going to be Samsung 8. They will come with both digitalized information about starting university from which all students are going to benefit, as well as free access to library resources. Prof Joughin has said “We are delighted to be putting support directly in the hands of our students and providing them with a state-of-the-art learning platform for the duration of their studies.”

University of East LondonModern day students feel much more comfortable in the digital world than the analog one that the university library usually provides. So the electronic texts books sound like the best way to help them begin their studies.

The tablets are going to be given to all students, no matter what courses they are enrolled in or what their country of origin is. For example among the first students who have made use of the free tablets were a psychology student from Norway and an anthropology student from Italy.

The program has a two-fold purpose. On one hand it will definitely make studying far easier and more accessible to as many young students as possible. On the other hand however, the administration of the University of East London hopes that they are going to attract more people to their institution. The last several years have marked a serious competition among educational institutions and the universities are always on the lookout for new ways to make their programs attractive to potential pupils.

Getting more students in the University of East London will definitely help boost the social status and the economy of the local community. More students mean not only stability for the university itself, but also an increase in the demand for such services as end of tenancy cleaning, food delivery and the entertainment industry. Students are known to look for end of tenancy cleaning services far more often than other residents of London, because they want to get their rental deposits back at any cost.