The Best House at the Best Location in London is Yours – for 9 Million Pounds

The house of many people’s dreams has recently gone on sale for the astonishing price of 8.9 million GBP, the London Standard reports. The penthouse is enormous in size. The complete territory it covers is 4 600 sq. feet on three floors.

But it is not only the mere size of the apartment that contributes to its skyrocketing prize. It is all about location in London. The penthouse in question is located at just a 15 minute walk from the very heart of the capital via the Southwark Bridge and Tate modern is visible from the many floor to ceiling windows. The Penthouse at Benbow House is also located just next to the Globe Theatre. Thus it is safe to assume that it is one of the best positioned homes that you can possibly find in the metropolis. Just like the letting agent from Pastor Real Estate who is responsible for the sell explains, this property is located in one of the most vibrant locations in the capital, and one of the most sought-after too. In addition to all that, the new owner of the property will have the privilege to enjoy the breathtaking views of both the skyline and the river on a daily basis. There is no doubt that whoever can afford and decides to buy the property, would be more than satisfied by the purchase.

In addition to size and location, the apartment has to offer to its new owner a two-parking spaces underground garage, floor to ceiling windows with magnificent panoramic view, a galleried library overlooking the reception room and a wood-panelled study. We have always loved to imagine what a true gentlemen’s home would look like and we have to say that judging from the description given in the offer, this penthouse is the nearest thing in existence on the London property market today.

On one hand the aforementioned price – nearly nine million pounds, might turn out to be the greatest drawback of the property, but when you think about it is worth every penny. What is more, the it would be a great investment, because if you think that property prices in the capital are high now, wait for the predictions of the couple of years to come to turn out right. We would not be surprised even one bit if five years from now we find the same penthouse on salPenthousee for 10 or even 12 million pounds and more.

Now even it is unlikely that you can afford buying this particular penthouse, but you still want to move your home as near as possible to Inner London, this is something pretty manageable. Just go online hunting for competitive offers – they are usually the hardest part of every removal. Once you have found the property that best suits your needs and requirements, including about being near to work and the locations in the capital you frequent, everything else can be easily managed with careful planning and dedication to the detail.