Where to spend your vacation

January 08 2022

People crave the time when they don’t need to go to work. Unfortunately this is usually for just a week or two during the whole year. However, we make plans, book places and buy tickets in advance simply to make sure that we are going to have a great vacation. We count on it to take us away from our daily routines at least for a little while and recharge us. Since there are so many different people in the world there are also so many different ways to spend your vacation. Many things need to be taken into consideration as some vacations are not suitable for little children and others are excellent for families. We will look into a few popular ways of spending your time off work. You have a few options:

  • Going to a seaside resort
  • Climbing a mountain
  • Staying at home
  • Going to the countryside

You have another option if you are a workaholic. Don’t use your vacation. Many people do it. Here are the average unused vacation days in some countries:


UK28 days
USA21 days
Japan31 days
Germany13 days


Relaxing on the beach is a classic way to spend your vacation

BeachVisiting a seaside resort is perhaps the most desired thing by people trapped in a large city with no waterfront. If you are located in the middle of your country or simply want to spend a week at a hotel by the beach then this type of vacation is exactly for you. Of course going to the seaside can branch off to many other sub-types many of which do not involve hotels and resorts. You can just go camping or visit a relative at their house in a city by the sea. For the sake of the discussion we aren’t going to be too detailed about it. The bottom line is that everyone thinks about lying on the beach when they hear the word “vacation”. There isn’t anything new and special about it. This type of vacationing is pretty clear to all of us. You simply go to a little town full of hotels and bars for a week and you oversleep every day. Nights out can be either crazy or romantic, or plain boring depending on your age and who you are with during that time of the year. It is funny how people sometimes take too much stuff when they are going to need very little at the hotel they are staying. Sometimes they load up the trunks of their cars as if they are moving out of their houses for good. One of the main problems with this type of vacationing is succeeding in not spending too much for useless things. You perhaps realise that prices at resorts are higher than usual and that you will be forced into spending some money. Cutting down on your expenses doesn’t of course mean that you shouldn’t buy your child an ice-cream.
Going to the mountains is probably the second most popular way to spend your time off. In truth recently it is becoming the vacation of choice for more and more people. There are two main types of trips to the mountains. One would be simply to book a cabin or a room at a cabin for you and your friends and stay there for a week or ten days. Similar to what you will be doing at the seaside with the exclusion of the sea itself and the loud bars. It is a great way to relax since nobody will be bothering you with anything. Furthermore you will be at a quiet place surrounded by trees and a lot of shade. In the evening people many times light a fire and sing songs around it. It is an excellent way to meet other travelers and have a very pleasant chat. You have no places to spend money and the vacation might turn out to be a very good one economy wise. The other way of spending your vacation in the mountains is going hiking. People take part in organised groups with a pre-planned route and spend a few days walking across a large area. Every night they sleep at a new place and the whole trip is super exciting. You spend the day walking, climbing, hiking. You visit mountain tops and speak to your guide regarding fun info all the time. When you check in at a new cabin every day you also have the opportunity of making new acquaintances too. This would be a little more physical vacation and it involves you carrying a backpack all the time but it might turn out to be one of the best choices you’ve ever made for your free time. You won’t need any special equipment only a warm jacket and a sturdy pair of shoes.

There are more ways to rest than hiking or sitting on the beach

HikingThere is this specific type of people who prefer simply going to the countryside or staying home. If you go outside of the city then you still get some rest, that’s for sure. You have the opportunity of meeting old friends from your childhood if you decide to go back to the countryside. You also have the option of doing some maintenance because many times houses in these areas are older and there is nobody to maintain and repair them year round. Who knows, one day after your retirement you might decide on going to live there for good. So you will want to have a well looking property ready for you to move in. Some fellas don’t even make plans for vacations. They simply stay at home and watch TV or play video games for a week. There is barely any point to it. You are in the middle of the city every single day during the year. Why stay there when your vacation finally comes? While you might think that sitting on the couch drinking soda is a fine way to rest it actually is not. You have very few days off anyway. Go somewhere, socialise and enjoy it.