Ways to advertise your business

May 10 2022

Establishing a business yourself is a fantastic thing. Being your own boss allows you to plan your work and be at the steering wheel of your company and life alike. Making a company be profitable, however, requires a lot of hard work and efforts and it doesn’t just come easy. There are a number of aspects you need to take into consideration and take care of plenty of problems. Depending on the type of business you run, you will have different priorities but appealing to your clients is absolutely crucial. Today’s society presents a lot of opportunities to us in terms of advertising. You must not only come up with clever and catchy content but you also need to place it properly so that it can be seen by as many people as possible. We will discuss a few ways to advertise your business and you can decide for yourself whether to choose one or combine a few of them together. Some of them are:

  • Radio
  • Direct mailing
  • Handoffs
  • Magazines
  • Outdoor and transit

There is one classic way to advertise that might be worth a peek

TVThe old fashioned way is putting an ad on the newspaper. Nowadays this cannot be the only way you advertise what you do because papers are no longer the factor they used to be. While it is true that people buy them in the morning and give them a glance you will perhaps not succeed very much if you rely only on them. Certainly if your business is still pretty small and you are not able to afford better marketing then you can go with an ad in the papers. Anyway, pairing it with another approach is always recommended. In the past people used to read papers all the time. 80% of society relied on them to get the news and to read articles and essays. Even after the emergence of television, newspapers were still pretty popular and effective. Unfortunately they will charge you for every letter you write down and if you wish to also add a picture to your ad it will end up costing even more. The bottom line is that you should perhaps look for other sources when it comes to promoting your business.

Using a TV ad is currently the “go to” option for most entrepreneurs. People watch plenty of TV especially when there are famous shows and live sports on. You have plenty of advantages with TV. There is sound and video. The combination of the two really affect the perceptions of your clients and if you are able to come up with an interesting story in your commercial then people will likely fall for your product or service. The thing is that this type of advertising is really expensive. This is especially true if you are looking to display your goods during the prime time. This is usually the time in the evening when families gather around the table and have dinner while watching TV. By all means go for this sort of advertising if you can afford it because TV is not dead yet. They even give away awards for best commercials and some companies come up with themed ads when they are aired during certain events. Such an example is the Superbowl in the USA. People come up with ideas especially for that very evening. Companies air certain commercials only during the game and their statements are usually related to the game of football. The same happens when there is a football World Cup going.  The price for a 30 second commercial on Superbowl night in 2015 was $4.6 million. This is absolutely astonishing but imagine how much money these companies will make if they are prepared to invest such a sum in a clip running for half minute on just one night. We mentioned that people can not only listen to but also view your commercial on the TV screen. This is why you can sign a celebrity to endorse your product. If you manage to do this it will again cost you a lot but might just render your goods decent enough for people to buy.

We need to stay in touch with reality and be up to date with modern trends

FacebookThe newest and perhaps the most influential way to present your business nowadays is going online and using social media specifically. While you can pay websites to put an ad on their pages the effect might not be as strong because it strongly resembles the newspaper thing we mentioned above. And this is where social media comes. Facebook, Twitter and other networks are melting pots of people sharing and discussing all sorts of things. So why wouldn’t they talk about you and what you are selling. The biggest advantage is that it is free and you also get feedback from your clients. This is especially good for companies which provide professional services such as movers, cleaners etc. If you wish to shorten the distance between you and your clientele by giving them special offers for your removal services this is the way to do it. Formalities are cut and folks can freely ask questions after they have been made aware what is on their disposal. There are also companies which make sure your social media advertising is done right. They specialise in this sort of business and will give you plenty of pointers on how to maintain your profile page. Explore your options when it comes to using social networks today. The opportunities are endless and there are barely any risks for the reputation of your company.

Finally we should mention something that looks simple but will never get old. Billboards – they are extremely popular if you think about it and will stay around for long time. People spend half of the time staring at their phones and use social media but they also walk outside or drive their cars. Thanks to this they are targeted by dozens of posters and billboards around their hometowns. These things are usually placed on big intersections where people need to wait for traffic lights or get stuck in a jam. Prices for billboards are also not very cheap.