Instances in which clutter is your enemy

May 09 2022
Cluttered room

Have you heard about the barrister who died because his house was filled with clutter? Now, it is more than evident that some people tend to let things slide to the extreme and this has a number of pretty unpleasant consequences. It is not necessary for you to be one of those people. But let’s face the simple fact that even if the clutter in your home is not brought to the same extreme degree, there are still chances that it causes hindrances and problems for you in your day-to-day activities. Let’s check several cases in which you’d wish that there was no clutter in your home.

When you are trying to find your keys/wallet/whatever

Cluttered roomThe main problem with clutter is that things are not in their right place. Or even worse, things do not have a place! How many times have you been in the following situation: it is early in the morning, you have not yet fully woken up from your pleasant dreams but you are already late for work?  That’s the ideal time for the god of fate (or clutter) to decide to hide your keys or some other vital item that you cannot simply leave the house without. If everything was tidy and clean, you would not have had this problem.

When you are cleaning

Keeping up with the household chores is a stressful enough experience as it is, but things tend to become even more problematic if the floors, desktops and other surfaces around your home are cluttered with items that simply do not have place there – from dirty clothes to kid’s toys to the last books you have read, laptop chargers and what not. You will have a much easier time cleaning your house if you minimise the amount of clutter in it.

When you are moving

SignOne does not appreciate a thoroughly de-cluttered home until they have to move out of it. When you are moving homes, you need to take care of many different things aside from finding the most appropriate professional moving firm in London to help you conduct the task. Probably the most responsible task among those is packing your goods for the road. But before you start putting everything in boxes, you will need to first decide what you will be actually taking with you. The task will become much easier if there is no clutter in your home. Sorting out your possessions is not something you should be leaving for the last minute, believe us.

So, what’s a person to do?

Fighting clutter off your property might seem complex. Actually, this is probably the reason why it is so often postponed in time… until it is too late. But there are simple, yet very efficient steps that you can take in order to make sure that you never have problems with clutter at your home:

  • Always put everything in its right place once you are done using it
  • Donate clothes, electronics, books etc. that you are no longer needing
  • Spring clean
  • Buy less, reuse more
  • Remove trash frequently