6 reasons why people should travel in their 30s

Most people believe that the perfect time to travel and explore the world is during their 20s. However, we believe that the 30s are much travel appropriate and here are six why!

  1. You`re not spontaneous

Spontaneous trips can either be amazing or horrid because they aren’t carefully planned and properly funded. By not being impulsive in order traveling desires, you will give yourself the time to correctly organise your trip and amass a traveling budget that will allow you to have a good time, sleep in a comfortable bed and enjoy delicious meals and beverages.

  1. You`re much pickier about your destinations

When you`re young you`re not that picky about your destinations, sometimes a trip to the nearby lake is enough to give you a sense of adventure. However, as time passed by the urge to learn more about the world grows bigger and therefore your become more selective about your travels. You commence to choose locations such as Paris, Rome, London, Tokyo and etc. Speaking of London, know that a trip to the English capital can be the perfect way to wind off after a tiresome and laborious domestic or commercial removal.

  1. You`re a packing pro

Packed bagIt is proven that people in their 30s are much more efficient at packing then people in their 20s. It is like this because they have a decade of traveling experience behind their backs and they can determine what exactly they will need for their upcoming trip. All this means less luggage, less weight to carry or pay for.

  1. You`re aware what cheap hotels, motels and hostels are

When you`re in your 20s you don’t care much about where you will sleep as all you need is a bathroom to shower and a bed to rest in after a long day of walking and sightseeing. As time goes you realise that comfort matters and you commence to avoid cheap sleeping accommodations. This will undoubtedly cost you more but it will also make your travels much more memorable and pleasant.

  1. You`re most into landmarks

London EyeEvery corner of the planet has its marvels but sadly people in their 20s prefer to hit the bars and nightclubs instead of exploring world famous museums such as the Louvre, British Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With age priorities change and people begin to realise that landmarks are a much more important and memorable experience than a night at the pub or a day at the local beach bar. So, if you opt to go to London after your successful removal make sure that you visit as much of the local monuments and tourist attractions as you can.

  1. You know that you need one day to recover

Traveling is relaxing but also tiresome and this is why people in their 30s take an extra day to recover when they get home. This way they are able to recharge the batteries from their trips and get themselves in the right mindset to return to their everyday lives.