What to Do in London on a Weekend

If you are wondering how you are going to spend your next weekend in London, or you just want some fun thing to do in order to release the stress that usually comes with home removals, just go through the list that we have made and we believe you will find something you like

  • Museum-of-LondonThe Museum of London now has an exhibition dedicated to Sherlock Holmes. The project traces back the origins of one of the most famous literary characters of old times and examines the causes of its never-fading popularity.
  • Brite Space London at Old Street is a line-up of workshops that will make you have tons of fun. A regularly organized fest here offers crash courses in hula hoop fitness, the art of being a DJ and even dog yoga. Yes, there is no mistake – dog yoga.
  • Kew Gardens is the most beautiful garden complex in the world. Period. It has a unique and truly vast collection, nice atmosphere, and you will surely feel reconnected with nature and your inner self at the same time if you fare to there. What is more, regularly organized events for kids like treasure hunts, will ensure that a visit to Kew Gardens are going to be fun for the whole family.
  • Just go see the permanent collection at some museum. London has some of the best museums in the world and it would be an insult to live here and not spare the time to visit them all. Naturally, The British Museum is the place to start. Here you will have the chance to walk among 4000 years old Ancient Egyptian artifacts, trace the development of Roman culture and see what has been going on in Europe for the past two millennia. There are also many museums that are more specific in their themes and collections like the Royal Maritime Museum, the War museum, The London Transport Museum, The National Gallery and so much more. Make a list of the places that you would like to visit and then go there – one every weekend. Most of those places are so immense that you will need at least several visits in order to explore their collections in full.
  • You can also go out for a drink, if you are not an action-oriented tourist/gallery and museum type of person. The Underground Drinking Club near Old Street Tube station regularly invites some of the country’s best cocktail makers for events, so check out their schedule if you want a drink that is suitable for the gods. Dirty Tommy’s burger shop in Kensington is one of the most unconventional eating places in these parts of the capital. The reason? Well, their burgers are just so plain tasty that it does not make any sense.
  • Night life and concerts in London are so rich and diverse that no one can tell you exactly what is going on around the capital at any given time. So keep up to date with the schedules of your favorite places and make a habit out of going out at least once a week.