Tip for New Homeowners to Make Their House Budget-friendly

August 28 2022

One thing you can never predict when you move into a new home is whether living in the property will prove budget-friendly or budget-breaking. If you have recently moved into your new house and you are already struggling to cover your electricity or water bills you may need to make a few readjustments. This is a process to that consists of four main stages:

  • Inspect
  • Change
  • Eliminate
  • Improve


Carefully inspect every single area and part of your house. See if there are any leaking pipes, faulty sockets or anything else that may need to be repaired. Even if you have thoroughly screened the property before buying it and you are confident that it is in a perfect condition, there may be a problem that is hard to spot without any closer or more detailed inspection.


One easy way to reduce your monthly expenses on electricity is by changing all the lightbulbs in the house. Use LED lights instead of incandescent ones because they will consume 10 times less energy than a standard lightbulb.

Another thing you should replace are the air filters in your home. If they are blocked, the effectiveness of your air conditioning or your ventilation system might be greatly reduced. However, if you use new air filters you will no longer need to keep your A. C. on high all the time.

Moving the home appliances from your old house to your new home is more expensive than you think it is since it usually requires a bigger moving van. So, if you are going to spend money, spend them on an energy efficient fridge, oven, washing machine and etc. That might increase your short-term expenses but it will cut down your long-term costs which is a fair enough deal.


PoundsIf you have indeed decided to buy energy efficient domestic appliances, consider ditching the tumble drier completely, especially if you have a nice big backyard or a garden. Buy a drying rack and hang your wet clothes there. Even in a rainy and gloomy city like London, you will still be able to quickly and cheaply dry your clothing using this simple method.

Those of you who have a gigantic tree on their property blocking all the sunlight, consider cutting it down. That will not only allow your clothes to dry faster but it will also help your home to be exposed to more natural light which, on the other hand, will make it warmer and lighter throughout the entire year.


Making small improvements around your new house like insulating your walls and pipes or filling in any door gaps will eliminate thermal leaks and lower your electricity bills. Fix everything that needs to be fixed and you will feel the positive effect of your efforts in no time.

When nothing works

If neither of these steps manages to make a difference for you and your wallet, maybe you have invested in a property that is too big for you in which case you may need to downsize to a smaller home. Well, that is quite unpleasant but things like that do happen so waste no time and contact a local removals firm and start packing.