Things to Know Before You Move to London

If you are determined to change your place of residence to London, you should be well prepared for the shock and owe that the capital has prepared for you. Thousands of people every year carry out their removals to London based on their dreams and hopes, as well as the impression the city has left on them after short visits, or what they’ve seen on TV and in films. The reality is, however, much different, and you should weigh the pros and cons pretty carefully before you book your removal service and come live in London.

  • We suppose that you have found work before you have come to live permanently here. If you think that was hard, wait to see what a nightmare travelling to work on a daily basis is, especially if you do not own a car, or can’t use the red Tube line. Public buses are crowded, and in many cases the drivers are so stressed out they are plain mean. You should prepare your elbows for a real battle if you do not want to skip your stop.
  • The City is not that fancy at all. Yes, all the major attractions – Big Ben, the London Eye etc. etc. are located here, but with them come armies of tourists that flock the streets of Central London day and night, making the City one of the least appealing places in the capital – no matter how strange that may sound to someone who has never been there.
  • Dating is a huge problem here. There, we’ve said it. Everyone in London is so busy so the conventional go-to-a-bar and meet a nice boy/girl just does not work. Most of the dating in the capital happens online, which brings many problems with weirdoes of all kinds – so be careful while browsing through Tinder.
  • London-ParliamentUnless you move to London with mates, you will be faced with the unpleasant need to live with total strangers – because, let’s face it – rent here is so high you are unlikely to afford to live on your own. Now, some people do not have problems with total strangers, but there again no one can guarantee that you will not come across total nut-jobs that will make your life harder than necessary.
  • Prepare for the fact that saving any amount of money while you live in London is nearly impossible. This place is so expensive that you have to work for years before you can afford to put some money aside – and that is in case you do not want to change your way of life. But climbing the corporate ladder means that you have to, so just forget about the opportunity of having money to spare at the end of the month.

Well, these are probably all worst-case scenarios, and your will be perfectly happy with your life in London. It is indeed known to be among the most vibrant places on the planet – we leave it to you to learn why.