The Best Pubs in South London

London, being one of the coolest cities in the world, has a vast array of pubs and bars to over to visitors and permanent residents.

If you have just had a major home removal from somewhere else to South London, you are most probably eager to find where the best places for night prowls are. Well, here, we offer you a list of some of the best bars to the south of the Thames:

  • The Riverside Bar & Restaurant in Vauxhall – located just on the bank of the Thames, near the St. George’s Wharf, it is one of the few bars in the area – which alone is not enough. What makes it so great is the rich menu, the nice staff and the wonderful scenery of Central London that the Riverside offers to its clients.
  • The Sun in the old town of Clapham is a great place, away from the hassle of the big city. There is of course a lot of beer and other beverages, but the strongest side of the Side is the freshly cooked pub food that will make you lick your fingers.
  • Prince of Wales in located in SE14 Kensington and is definitely one of the trendiest pubs in the area. It is really popular with actors, politicians and members of the free professions. If it is good enough for them, it might be good enough for you too.
  • Rosendale, West Dulwich. Boy, this place has some stories to tell. It used to be a couching inn in Victorian times. The charisma and the atmosphere are preserved. Only the food is probably better. Still, don’t expect anything fancy – only simple, substantiated food – the best kind this world has to offer, in addition to a beautiful bar and impeccable service at any time of the day and night.
  • The-Prince-AlbertThe Prince Albert, Battersea. If you have enjoyed a pleasant walk in Battersea Park and want to make the day even better, go for a pint at Prince Albert. A vast selection of guest ales, such as locally brewed Wandle Ale awaits you there. The interior of the pub is wonderful, and everyone who works there is really nice.
  • Market House in Brixton is the place where many people working in the area go for a cocktail after business hours. The pub is pretty busy, but it is only natural having in mind the fact it serves the best cocktails in Brixton. An interesting fact is that payment is made at the door when you leave.
  • Tram & Social in Tooting is a place that is generally hard to find, but it is definitely worth it. Located in a tram (literally) the bar offers a wide selection of drinks that are up to every taste and an unique atmosphere with decoration dedicated to the past, present and, according to some, the future of Tooting, which is as you may know one of the most charismatic places in South London.