Pick a Roommate with the Help of Astrology

June 20 2022

What is the best strategy on which you can rely on when you want to find a new roommate? Well, there are several things you can do. Most people:

  • Interview all potential roommate candidates to see whether they have a similar lifestyle and cleaning habits, for example
  • Ask for recommendations from previous landlords
  • Prefer to share a flat with someone they already know well like a friend, an old classmate or a sibling

You can also shoot in the dark and pray for the best or you can use a more unusual approach – pick a roommate based on your star sign. Still, avoid using this strategy when you are picking a professional domestic removal company in London and instead take client reviews and quotes into consideration.


You tend to be stubborn, strong-minded and outspoken therefore living under the same roof with a Scorpio, Leo or a Sagittarius may quickly turn into a new world war. Having an Aquarius as a flatmate, on the other hand, will make you feel calmer and more relaxed. Still, your ideal roommate is a Gemini because they can easily balance you.


Taureans are very laidback individuals but they don’t like to be pushed or bossed around. So, living together with a Leo can be explosive. A Gemini’s typically wild lifestyle will stress the calm Bull. That is why Taurus’ perfect housemate is another Taurus. A Cancer is also a great option because they will perfectly compliment you. Pisces are quite different from you but you two can bring the best out of each other and you always make a good team.


Earth signs and Cancerians are way too relaxed and stable for your preferences, dear Gemini. Therefore, if you are a wild one, you should live with someone who is exactly like you – a Gemini. Aries will also bring plenty of excitement to your day and if you enjoy long chats, invite a Libra to be your roommate.


As it was mentioned above, Cancer and Gemini are not a great long-term combo. Choose a Scorpio instead. They will give you space whenever you need it and will not bother you too much.


The Leo believes that anyone would love to have a roommate like them but that is hardly ever the case. Even a Leo cannot put up with someone of their own kind. Your only shot for house harmony is a Libra. You are both social and adventurous.


The Virgo’s least favourite flatmate is probably the Gemini. The latter can be messy while the former is always extremely organised. A Taurus will like you from the get-go but a Capricorn can win your friendship for life.


Unlike Leos, Libras can have anyone as a roommate. They are open-minded, social and they are down for anything.


Scorpios are not easy people to live with because they tend to be aggressive, vindictive and moody. Luckily for you, a Pisces is so distracted that they will not even notice your bad qualities and will only see the best in you.


Similar to Libras, you are incredibly social. The thing is that, just like Aries, you are always filled with energy and only a ram can match your sense of adventurism.


You tend to be quite strict and organised and you demand the same from your roommate. Only a Virgo can give you that.


Like Libras, you can get along with everyone. Your problem is that you don’t want just a housemate – you want a friend. A Sagittarius is the friend you have been looking for.


Pisces are patient, calm and they easily trust others. Many star signs may try to use you. Only Cancers are as giving and caring as you are.