Moving Places – Can Your Fast Internet Come Too?

Global-networkHouse removals present people with a multitude of issues and considerations to account for. Besides all the usual woes like finding and choosing the right moving company, selecting the most appropriate house removal service format etc. there are also other pressing matters like whether or not one’s current internet can be transferred over to the new address, and if so will the quality and speed of connection remain the same.

First and foremost (provided you are happy with your current internet service provider – ISP) consult with them on whether or not there is service coverage in the area you are moving to. Although most of the larger telecom service providers in the UK do have wide coverage of internet and interactive TV services, some of them might not be able to deliver the service where you are going to next. In case the current internet cannot be transferred over to your new address, then perhaps you should check out what’s the next best thing – another ISP may be able to offer a better deal for that particular area or region.

Another thing to consider when choosing whether or not to give your current ISP the chop, and whether or not to search for another provider, is the so called ‘speed up to’ phrase – this is key in choosing the right company and deal. ISPs advertise and sell internet connections of up to certain speed. You may have signed a contract for up to 20 or 30 Mb per second, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting that speed. It rather means that the capacity of your connection can reach that speed. Finding a suitable ISP for your new address may take a little effort in digging around forums, locally advertised deals etc. so do some homework and find the right service provider. Another good way to find a suitable internet supplier is to contact friends or relatives (if there are such) in the given area or suburb and gather some firsthand experiences from them.

If the scales tip in favour of your current ISP (not an uncommon situation) there are couple of things to do before the house removal. First of all inform them well in advance of your removal plans – by doing this you ensure no lengthy interruptions in internet connection. Next, ask if they can offer you a good deal for the area you are moving to – some telecoms have become quite liberal in their terms and conditions, which might be good news for people moving as they can take advantage of a better deal.

Should you decide to switch ISPs, contact your current provider, inform them of your relocation and ask for what’s known as a MAC. MAC stands for Migration Authority Code – a code which is to be given to your new ISP so they can complete your internet connection/account transfer. Keep in mind – the MAC is only valid for twenty eight days and then it becomes invalid. If you receive the MAC earlier than twenty eight days, you may be charged extra to be issued a new one so mind the timing.