Hotels with Strange Names

If you think that the hotel you spent a night at while your home removal was underway had a bizarre name and dingy atmosphere, wait until you see our list of hotels with truly strange and sometimes disturbing names from around the world:

  • Hotel RoomElephant Butte is one of the most notorious hotels in the state of New Mexico, US. The reason is of course the grins on many people’s faces when they hear about it or pass through its front end. Now, the name Elephant Butte has nothing to do with the bottom parts of an elephant, but rather it is named after a popular natural sight in the area – the name of an eroded core of an ancient volcano. Either way, most of us will think twice before booking a room there.
  • The Americans definitely have a knack about strange hotel names. Arsenic and Old Lace Bed and Breakfast in the town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas proves that beyond any reasonable doubt. Actually, the nature around Erureka Springs, and the precise location of this B&B are great, but many people would be dubious about a hotel which uses a poison in its name, right. Even if it is named after a much-loved film from the not-so-distant-past.
  • Moving to the Far East U-Thong Inn, Ayutthaya, Thailand is one of the city’s best hotels – but western tourists often giggle when hearing the name or coming across it on booking websites. The place’s website promises visitors to feel the warmth of the Thai people while enjoying the close proximity to many old temples and museums in the country’s old capital.
  • Sleep Inn Horn Lake, Horn Lake, which is part of the Region of Vancouver Island might be an innocent addition to our list, unless you actually do not discern the grimmer undertones of the hotel’s name. One is left to wonder whether the owners were acquainted with the old ganger-related expression “to sleep with the fishes”. And even more so, one should ask themselves whether the hotel management do not promise a similar fate to their guests as well. Either way, this region of Canada is great during the summer, when many people come here for camping, cave exploring and great summer activities. Judging from the feedback left by customers on the page of Sleep Inn Horn Lake, you will actually be pretty pleased with the accommodation, if you decide to come here.
  • Located 3.3 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur’s central railway station is Carcosa Seri Negara. Now, the name might sound strange, but we can attribute it to the fact that Malaysia is a distant country with a strange unknown language in itself. But people acquainted with horror literature know that Carcosa is the ancient and mysterious city in the King in Yellow mythos of Ambrose Bierce. The city is described as located on a distant horrific planet, in a fictional play which everyone who has read had gone mad.