Home Moves Around Christmas

Moving houses around Christmas time is an unfortunate thing to do – not because some sort of an old superstition, but rather because both planning a move and preparing for the holiday season are stressful experiences in their own right.

You are in luck however, because if you apply several very simple strategies, you will be able to tackle both projects with ease and you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of both of them.

The most important thing is of course to be fully prepared even before you have packed your first box with goods to be transported. Planning is crucial for every removal, but especially around Christmas you just have to start as early as possible. Find a removal company to do the job and book the services in advance – most contractors accept booking for at least three month period ahead, so that would not be a problem. You will have time to discuss your needs and preferences with the movers and come up with the optimal plan for tackling the job.

The next thing that should be on your list is of course de-cluttering. Do that a month and half before the time for moving comes, so that you can easily sort out everything that you would like to take with you to the new place of residence and have also the time to get rid of any unnecessary items – either by giving them away, selling them online or recycling.

Have in mind that most institutions work at odd times around Christmas holidays because of the overall festive atmosphere and the fact that many employees get free time. So at least two weeks before the move, you should get in touch with your utility companies like water, phone and electricity providers and inform them about the move, so that the people working there have time to react.

Christmas TreeYour moving contractor might offer to do the packing for you, but if you insist on tackling the task on your own, you should start as early as possible – that is true for moving at any time of the year, not only Christmas. Get packing boxes and supplies and start handling the matter slowly but thoroughly. If you leave yourself enough time you will notice that the task is not as hard as it may look.

A day before you go you should make sure that the freeze and fridge are defrosted and cleaned, and the essentials for the move – toiletries, a change of clothes, documents, medicines,- are set aside not to be loaded on the van.

At some point you will also have to set time aside for the Christmas shopping. Do not go hard on yourself – as you very well know in this turbulent time when you and your whole family are moving to a new place, the key is to reduce the stress to as low levels as possible. Pick up the presents, wrap and label them and give them to everyone on Christmas, after the successful move.