Why is Camden the best place in London?

You might already be tired of hearing that Camden is the best place in London. You hear it from people who live there, from people who want to live there and even by tourists who don’t even know London that well.

Camden-MarketThe truth is that Camden is simply great. There is hardly a thing one cannot love in it. Located in the NW1 and NW5 postcode districts the borough that bears the same name, the town of Camden is populated by over 28 000 people of different backgrounds and nationalities. It is definitely one of the most colorful and vibrant districts in London at the present moment.

Many people dream of living here for another reason. Camden simply has a great location. It is in West London, but practically it is quite near Westminster and Inner London as a whole. Going to work in the City from here would be as hassle-free a process as it can get.

There is much more however:

  • Camden is a historical district. The amount of well preserved old buildings here is pretty impressive. They create an unique atmosphere and in way encapsulate the spirit of classical Victorian London – the one everyone loves thanks to books and films.
  • The house where famous French Poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine used to live in while in Britain is located here, on 8 Royal College Street. It is open to visitors.
  • Camden is the place where the Electric Ballroom is located in. What is the Electric Ballroom you might ask? Well, you would, if you did not know anything about alternative London culture, and British pop culture as a whole. The Electric Ballroom is where most of the coolest stuff happening in those two directions have started out. Check out its history – you will be impressed.
  • Another major cultural venue in Camden is the Roundhouse. It used to be a locomotive engine roundhouse, but then turned into one of the most influential theatres in London in the 1960s. After a long period of being de-functioning, the Roundhouse was reopened in 2006, which was met with enthusiasm by many.
  • People like Charles Dickens, Playwright Alan Bennett, boxer Tom Sayers, poet Dylan Thomas, Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin and many others are among the names on the list of notable residents of Camden. How one could possibly not want to live in the place where such people live?

There are much more great things about Camden that deserve to be mentioned. Unfortunately, a complete list of them would take up a book-length text. But there is one really great way to see why Camden is so great – go there. Visit the place, or directly move in here next time you have a home removal on your to-do list. You will find who to help you instantly, because many removal companies service the area. But what is more important – you are guaranteed to like it there.