The UK’s Removal Industry Ombudsman – Contact and Rulings

The UK’s removal industry ombudsman is the person representing the institution which is tasked with the settling of disputes between customers and removal services providers. Basically, the role of the ombudsman is to settle disputes and resolve complaints through reaching an acceptable agreement for both parties involved, also by recommending reward compensation in favour of affected party, or to decide if the circumstances around the dispute do not require any further actions/sanctioning.

How can customers get in contact with the Ombudsman/ombudsman office? The best way to get in touch with the UK’s removal industry ombudsman is to go online and visit their website. Search online for The UK’s Removal Industry Ombudsman Scheme Office. Once you enter the website, grab their office contact details and call them up. Customers wishing to file a complaint can either request the complaint form be sent to their address by mail (this is done over the phone) or the complaint form can be filled out online, then printed, and lodged with the ombudsman office via surface mail on the address provided on the website.

NGRSThe complaint form, along with all other relevant paperwork, including correspondence between customer and removal services provider must be posted to the Ombudsman office. Documents between customers and National Guild of Removers and Storers (the regulative body under the Ombudsman office) should also be included as part of the complaint file. The ombudsman office will not review a complaint unless it has gone through the NGRS first. Thorough paperwork explaining the situation is vital for a quick and easy resolution of the complaint as there are no hearings, everything is processed in written/paper form. All evidence must be submitted in writing. There is no financial cost for the complainant.

Once all the necessary documentation, including the customer complaint itself is received, the Ombudsman will then carefully consider the matter in a fair, unbiased fashion. If necessary, the ombudsman office can appoint further investigation into the matter in order to reach a decision. At this stage, the ombudsman has the right to require both parties to settle the dispute reasonably and satisfactory right there and then, without any further complications. If customer and removal services provider cannot reach a voluntary settlement, the Ombudsman will then issue her Determination i.e. the official decision reached. The Determination is sent out to all parties involved so that everyone is aware of what’s to happen next.

For the Ombudsman’s Determination to be in effect, the removal company must be a valid NGRS member bounded by the Guild’s code of conduct which also bounds it to the Ombudsman’s decision. The determination can be accepted in full by the complainant/customer or it can be rejected. In the case of rejection, customers reserve the right to take matters further to the country’s judicial system. Any decision accepted by the customer is binding for the removal company.

The UK’s Removal Industry Ombudsman office will not transmit or publish any confidential or sensitive information concerning parties involved or the dispute itself. Currently, the UK’s removal industry ombudsman is Lynne Stone, she was appointed in twenty eleven. She is independent of any existing removal services provider.