Tips That Will Save Your Life on the Day of Your Removal

A home removal is a very responsible job that you should be careful about unless you want it to turn into a small nightmare. The most basic things are usually overlooked, so even if you have the best removals London company out there working by your side, you should know what is expected from you and how to properly prepare for your relocation.

The following tips will definitely make your life easier during your move out, so do not hesitate to check them out:

  • Make a moving list. Planning is the most important step to take when preparing for a removal. Start ahead and make a list of all the goods that you are going to need or want to take with you at your new place. Thus you will not only ensure that nothing important is forgotten in the last minute, but also see what and how many objects you will have to get rid of or leave behind.
  • Don’t think that you have enough supplies. Packing boxes and wrapping are never too much. Most specialists share the opinion that once you have an estimate of the quantity of the boxes that you are going to need in order to pack your goods, you should get at least 10 % more so that it does not turn out you are left with insufficient quantity of boxes while you are finishing the preparation of your removal and time is actually running out.
  • Organized your stuff in the packing process. This means to put a label with the content of each box, but it would also be a great idea to designate a special color for every room in your place – green for the bedroom, yellow for the kitchen, blue for the living room etc – and put a sticker in the corresponding color on the boxes that contain items from those rooms. Thus you will be able to coordinate the loading and unloading much quicker and avoid the necessity to open a box to check its content every time you unload it from the truck/van used for the removal.
  • emergency-kitPack in advance. You should start packing slowly at least a couple of months before your moving day. This is a strategy to reduce hassle, but also gives you the time and space to think about optimizing your work process and doing thing more efficiently. You may need to consult with your removal contractor about advice or have technicians come and help you with managing certain tasks related to your removal. In any case, the more time you have on your hands, the better.
  • Pack an emergency kit and don’t forget to get the essentials – a change of clothes, tooth brushes and paste, towels, important documents, medicine, some canned food – separately. It is unlikely that you are going to immediately start unpacking the second you arrive at the new place, so it is always a great idea to have all the necessities at hand.