The Best Parks in London

UK’s capital is one of the largest cities in the world. It is the financial heart of Europe and the seat of some of the most influential companies and organizations out there are located here.

The local property market is responsible for a vast part of the country’s  GDP and people from all over the world decide to move to live here. Ask whichever professional removals contractor in the city and you will learn that the amount of foreigners coming to London becomes more and more every year.

But London is also an ancient city with many traditions. One of them is that of building and maintaining beautiful parks and gardens. Here are some of the best open green spaces in the capital at the present moment.

  • Green Park is a small green space cornered at the intersection of St. James’s Park and Hyde Park, built by Charles II in 1668 as a hunting ground. Today it is one of the best places for a walk when you are in the heart of the city.
  • Hyde Park is naturally one of the most famous parks in London. It is approximately a mile and a half long and a mile wide, making it also one of the biggest parks in the capital at the present moment. It is also pretty old – Hyde Park was originally opened in 1536. The oldest boating lake in London is located namely here. Hyde Park is probably the most famous London Park outside the country.
  • North London has many good parks, but among them Hampstead Heath is definitely the best. It is much more different than the impeccably kept parks of Central London. Wild life and freely growing grass and trees are characteristic of Hampstead Heath, and make it so different and great.
  • Regents Park on the other hand is the place in North London where one goes for a well kept and artistically beautiful open green space. It is quite near the London Zoo, which is another considerable plus of Regents Park, especially if you have planned a family day out. Bring the kids to see the animals at the zoo, and then have a nice picnic at the park.
  • Greenwich-ParkAs of South London, Greenwich Park definitely deserves the crown of best open green space here. Greenwich is traditionally a green borough, and Greenwich Park fits into that tradition perfectly. What Greenwich Park is really valuable for is its rich wild life. Especially cherished by specialists and nature lovers are the many species of birds – over 70 – that can be seen here – many of them are unique for the territory of London.

Clapham Common is the ultimate place in South London to go to if you are looking for an escape from the hassle and stress of the metropolis. You can just lie around the grass, or alternatively engage in some sports or recreational activity Clapham Common provides many opportunities and facilities for.