Choose the Right London Neighborhood for You

LondonThere is a good chance that you already are one hundred percent sure you will soon need to move out of your current place, but still wonder where exactly in London you would like to set up your new home. There are several factors that will contribute to making the right decision of a borough, district and even exact neighborhood. On one hand it is all about your personal preferences – whether you prefer to live in central London, or somewhere in the suburbs; do you enjoy the western boroughs more than the eastern, southern or northern; what your budget is – after all, property prices and rent differ from place to place in the capital. But there are also a number of practical matters that you have to consider. They are the main focus of this post. Once you have found the perfect place, you will be able to carry on with planning and executing your removal in a much calmer and hassle-free manner, so do not wait for even a second to do that.

  • One of the most important factors that you should consider when you pick up a new neighborhood where to settle down in is how far away from your work it is. If you are moving because of a career change, it would be logical to look for a house or an apartment in the areas around the office. If you will stay at your old job, you can apply the same tactic, or alternatively check out those districts that have quick and comfortable direct transport connections to your work place. Thus you will manage to reduce the time you waste for commutes each day. Those precious hours will save you energy and would be much better invested in more enjoyable activities or simply for relaxation.
  • The second fact is again related to distance, but this time it is the distance to your social network. We all have friends we would like to see more than once a year, and in the busy lifestyle most of us lead, this becomes pretty hard unless you live close to each other. You should not overlook this, because while work is important your real life is outside the office and you should accommodate yourself in way that would enable you to enjoy it up to its full potential.
  • The local amenities in the neighborhood you are going to move in are very important. Some areas in London are well supplied with such, while others not so much. When you consider a specific place, do not go there just to look at the property but rather walk around the neighborhood and not what kind of grocery stores, shopping centers, pharmacies, hospitals and schools are there, as well as other specific institutions depending on your needs. Usually such places are found at a reasonable distance all over London, even in the most remote suburbs, so it would ultimately come down to your own preferences.