Tip for New Homeowners to Make Their House Budget-friendly

One thing you can never predict when you move into a new home is whether living in the property will prove budget-friendly or budget-breaking. If you have recently moved into your new house and you are already struggling to cover your electricity or water bills you may need to make a few readjustments. This is a process to that consists of four main stages:

  • Inspect
  • Change
  • Eliminate
  • Improve


Carefully inspect every single area and part of your house. See if there are any leaking pipes, faulty sockets or anything else that may need to be repaired. Even if you have thoroughly screened the property before buying it and you are confident that it is in a perfect condition, there may be a problem that is hard to spot without any closer or more detailed inspection.


One easy way to reduce your monthly expenses on electricity is by changing all the lightbulbs in the house. Use LED lights instead of incandescent ones because they will consume 10 times less energy than a standard lightbulb.

Another thing you should replace are the air filters in your home. If they are blocked, the effectiveness of your air conditioning or your ventilation system might be greatly reduced. However, if you use new air filters you will no longer need to keep your A. C. on high all the time.

Moving the home appliances from your old house to your new home is more expensive than you think it is since it usually requires a bigger moving van. So, if you are going to spend money, spend them on an energy efficient fridge, oven, washing machine and etc. That might increase your short-term expenses but it will cut down your long-term costs which is a fair enough deal.


PoundsIf you have indeed decided to buy energy efficient domestic appliances, consider ditching the tumble drier completely, especially if you have a nice big backyard or a garden. Buy a drying rack and hang your wet clothes there. Even in a rainy and gloomy city like London, you will still be able to quickly and cheaply dry your clothing using this simple method.

Those of you who have a gigantic tree on their property blocking all the sunlight, consider cutting it down. That will not only allow your clothes to dry faster but it will also help your home to be exposed to more natural light which, on the other hand, will make it warmer and lighter throughout the entire year.


Making small improvements around your new house like insulating your walls and pipes or filling in any door gaps will eliminate thermal leaks and lower your electricity bills. Fix everything that needs to be fixed and you will feel the positive effect of your efforts in no time.

When nothing works

If neither of these steps manages to make a difference for you and your wallet, maybe you have invested in a property that is too big for you in which case you may need to downsize to a smaller home. Well, that is quite unpleasant but things like that do happen so waste no time and contact a local removals firm and start packing.

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Home ownership

Renting or owning?

After couple of years renting, you probably assume that you are ready to become a homeowner and buy your own house or apartment. But, before you even consider that option, you have to think carefully and analyse your current financial or other private reasons. Therefore, before thinking about actual removal, check the following tips and decide whether you are ready for owning or you should continue renting.

You are in debt

If you are in debt and you give away your pay check for credit card bill, loans, etc., the last thing you need is a mortgage. You need to have some disposable income even to consider getting a mortgage and transiting from renting to owning. This is an important factor to consider when thinking about removal.

You have a bad credit history

If you have late or missed payments on your credit accounts or other loans, you are not eligible for owning because mortgage lenders consider this factor as a crucial one. This shows them how responsible you are when paying your debts. They automatically assume that you will do the same with a mortgage too. This is why it is smart to wait until you get back on track with your creditors. And then, you can contact lenders.

You have no savings or regular income

When you are renting, if you have toilet leaks or nay similar issues, your landlord will help you to fix it. So even if you do not have savings for such emergencies, you can rely on someone else. However, as a homeowner, you have to rely on yourself alone and be prepared for unexpected situations. You have to have savings on your account. Otherwise, you are not ready to become a homeowner. People who do not have stable jobs and regular incomes shouldn’t consider purchasing a house or an apartment. The fact is that no job position is 100% guaranteed for good, but it is easier to leave the rented apartment than sell a house.

What about a down payment?

Home ownershipDid you know that you need to secure a down payment of at least 20% when buying a house? Do you have that kind of money? And if you do have that amount, are you ready to give it up and be left with no savings? You should probably wait, grow your savings and have enough cash for a down payment, and ensure you are left with some too.

You are a “mover”

Some people need a change in their lives and they decide to move. They are not doing it for logical or practical reasons. If you are that kind of person who likes to experience different living surroundings, then perhaps owning a home isn’t for you. It would be a lot more practical and convenient if you rent.

Carefully consider above mentioned tips before you decide it is time for removal. Should you opt for renting or owning? If you feel like the time has come for you to become a homeowner, then good for you! If you are not ready yet, don’t worry. You probably need more time to get your financials in order. Good luck!

Moving boxes

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience

For most people, removal is a stressful experience and they feel so many mixed emotions like excited, worried, sad, tired, exhausted, etc. But, do not ignore your feelings, face them and accept them. Removal is time and money-consuming experience that affect your family, children, friend, and pets. However, removal doesn’t have to the worst period of your life. Yes, it can be difficult since you have to pack everything you own and start a new life somewhere away from people and places you love and are used to. There are smart ways to organize and just face the fact that it is not a simple process but it can be done with as less stress as possible.

What’s important is that you understand that organization and careful planning are the keys to an easy and stress free removal. Research and gather as much information as possible and then make the right decisions based on your knowledge. But, try to have a positive attitude and focus on good things and the entire removal process will be over in no time. This is one of the ways to cope with a change. Also check the following tips to avoid stressful removal.

Take your time

Moving boxesRemoval can take weeks, even months. You need time to pack everything, but before that you need to purchase packing material including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, labels, moving blankets and linens, etc. This can also be expensive but instead of buying these packing items, you can ask your friends or family for help or go to the stores to get free boxes or paper. Additionally, some moving companies offer free packing supplies that you need or they are included in the price after you hire them.

Next, you need to find a moving company that will meet your needs and requirements. Also, if you still haven’t found the house or apartment to buy or rent, you will need even more time for that. After that, once you relocate, it takes time to settle in, unpack your belongings, get to know your new neighbours, etc. The entire process is time consuming but with proper organization and enough will, you will survive.


Financial stability is extremely important when relocating. You have to have enough money in your account to live on until you start making money at your new job. First, you will spend probably more than planned for removal.

    • Everything costs, from packing material, hiring moving professionals to paperwork arrangements.
    • If you are moving unusual items, like piano, it will cost you more.
    • You have to consider life expenses of each family member.
    • Bear in mind that life expenses in your current place might not match the ones somewhere else, in different country.
    • Be prepared for unexpected situations. Some items might break and you will need to replace them with new ones. Or some other expenses can occur, things you never thought could emerge.

Take care of yourself

Removal causes great changes. Perhaps you need to adapt to a different climate, you will have a new job, new friends. In all that chaos you forget to take care of yourself. You don’t eat or sleep enough, or you have no time to rest. The only thing you have on mind is getting everything done. But, you cannot take care of anything if you do not take care of yourself. You cannot give 100% if you don’t feel well. Stressing over removal situation can only cause health issues, not to mention that everything will prolong if you are not focussed enough to get the things done timely and accordingly.  Your body needs a break; your mind also. Go for a walk, go to the cinema, or meet up with a friend.  Also, don’t neglect your children and their feelings. Your pets, if you have any, also feel that something is happening.

Your kids

Removal has an impact on your children, too. They have to change schools, they have to make new friends and adapt to new environment and its customs and culture. It can decrease their social skills. According some researches, a removal can cause stress and disrupt the routines of  achild, which has a negative reaction for healthy development. Even if the child doesn’t change school, removal still disrupts his/her daily routine. It is harder for the teenagers because they find changes difficult to accept. They usually have created a safe circle by now so removal is not something they will look forward to. Their behaviour and feelings will also affect you. Therefore, pay more attention to them, talk to them, tell them that starting over can be even better than continuing living like now.

Your pets

Pet movingYour pets also feel like something is going on. They will need time to adapt because new surroundings may scare them. They are used to old smells, household objects, etc. Do you remember the first time you brought your dog home? It probably took a while until it got used to you, new place, etc. you will probably understand why moving may affect them too. They might become disoriented in the new neighbourhood. Just relax and try to show your love for them. You can also take some of their old things with you like toys or beds.

In conclusion

Being open to embrace the changes is the recipe for having stress free and successful removal. Remember you will have an opportunity to enjoy new life with new friends and colleagues, in your new home. Removal changes your lifestyle and affects your children as well. You will need time to adapt but have a little patience and things will turn out just fine. No one ever said that moving is easy. It is hard but you can make it less hard by changing the way you think and act. Therefore, have some patience and enjoy the new start. Great things are waiting for you if you think of removal as a beginning, not an ending.

Moving van renting

Renting a van for your removal

Before you rent a moving van, there are few things you should pay attention to, like the size of the van that will meet your needs and requirements, how long you will need it, details about insurance, etc. Do your homework and ensure a nice and smooth removal.

The size of the van

Before you make any arrangements, you need to know what size of van you need and how far you are relocating. Some moving companies have an inclusive rate while other will charge a flat daily rate plus a set amount of miles. It is important to know these details so you can compare prices and choose a rental agency that provides the best conditions. As far as the size of the van is concerned, it should be large enough to take in around 20% more than you own because you do not want to take any chances and end up with too little room. This is a way to ensure all your belongings will be taken care of and nothing is left behind.

Do the research

It is necessary to compare prices and call few different rental companies before you decide who to hire. The cheapest doesn’t have to be the best but this isn’t what you should focus on. You need more information to find a company that will meet all your needs. Ask the right questions that will help you get all necessary details. Ask what is included in the price. Ask for discounts. Ask if they guarantee that you will get the van on removal day. The last thing you need is finding out the agency is out of vans for that day because they sometimes overbook. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Provide all details the company asks, such as date and time, starting point, destination, when you are returning the van, etc. Make sure you provide all necessary details so your removal goes smooth.

Moving van rentingAfter you find the right rental company, make sure you book your van on time (at least 8 weeks before removal). Remember that during summers the rates are usually higher and it is harder to ensure you will have a van or additional tools you may need on time. If you do have something unusual to move like piano or a boat, do not forget to mention that. The rental company has additional and special tools for removing such items.

Inspect the van thoroughly

Before you sign an agreement and take the van, you should inspect the van for scratches, dents and any other damages. Then check the list and what it says about the damages. Check the amount of gas and the mileage in the van and on the inspection sheet. See if the facts match. Check for additional tools like blankets, a moving dolly, moving pads, etc. Also, after the removal, fill up the tank and save money. Some rental companies charge a service fee for filling the tank if you do not do it yourself.