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Many people view professional property removals as necessary evil so to say. Indeed, there are many movers out there who aren’t doing any justice to the guild but there are also companies like Removals St Giles which are genuinely interested and committed to providing our customers with the best possible removals at the best possible prices.

St-Giles-Office-BuildingsUsing our professional removal services will actually save you a decent amount of money, hassles and time as we will deal effectively with all aspects of the relocation down to the smallest seemingly insignificant detail. By doing this we will save you the time and effort in having to organise and carry out everything on your own. We will even take care of packing. If you wish to do your own packing, we will be able to deliver the necessary packing materials to you at a very reasonable price.

Although, our moving services do not come for free (as nothing good in life does) that would be money well spent. Furthermore, we will be able to reduce the overall service price through efficient work practices. More so, all additional expenses will be included in the service price. If you were to deal with the relocation by yourself, you would have incurred a ton of small, extra costs which would have amounted to hefty sum. On the other hand, affordability and cost efficiency of our removals are guaranteed. We provide free quotes, flexible pricing and excellent midweek discounts on all removals.

We work with specially trained movers who go about their work with professional pace, precision and efficiency thus avoiding any damage to items during packing and loading. The same goes for our experienced drivers – they know their work inside out, and will have your belongings delivered safely and on time. The chance of damaging or losing items along the way when doing your own removal gets increased significantly.

Removals St Giles is experienced in dealing with all types of domestic removals, business removals, office removals, piano and furniture removals and any more. Our customers have access to punctual customer support seven days a week. We coordinate all removals through our dedicated call centre, we provide valuable removal advisory and have extra wide coverage on all pickups and deliveries.

Our removal teams will have everything wrapped up and ready to go without any extra hassles, this means that customers have more time and energy to get to know St Giles and many of the notable surrounding areas of Central London. The area’s history goes back to the year eleven hundred something, when the main local feature was a Saxon church. St Giles also saw the founding of one of the first hospitals ever, namely The Hospital of St Giles. It is interesting to know that St Giles was the patron saint of lepers and the hospital bearing his name also had a lepers’ colony. The hospital, and the accompanying chapel as well as the monastery which was also present there at the time, were founded by Queen Matilda, wife of Henry the First.