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Domestic and Commercial Removals

Make your removal project affordable, efficient and quick by using one or more of our specialised removal services suitable for any purpose, budget and occasion. Our name is Removals Turnpike Lane and we specialise in all types of residential and commercial property removals, no matter how complex or tricky.

Turnpike-Lane-truck-removalWondering if we have the right relocation solution for your requirements? Below is just a fraction of the moving services we have made available to you:

  • Domestic removals;
  • Office removals;
  • Business removals;
  • Piano removals;
  • Furniture removals;
  • Junk removals;
  • Rubbish removals;
  • Single item removals;

Full service coverage

We can go on like this for hours, but we also need to inform you of the other upsides of using our specialised moving services, which are more than likely to entice your interest. So, here are some of the advantages:

  • Free quotes, flexible pricing and excellent midweek discounts available on all removals;
  • Reliable round the clock customer support, available seven days a week;
  • Adequate removal advisory and specialised project coordination;
  • Full liability insurance coverage and super wide coverage on all pickups and deliveries;
  • Access to inexpensive and efficient packing service, or delivery of packing materials;

Turnpike-Lane-TrafficOur Turnpike Lane removal team will not disappoint, no matter how small or big the relocation we are facing. All work concerning the removal will be done by specially qualified movers, working together with experienced drivers. Working with skilled professionals ensures safe handling and quick, no damage transportation of items to their next destination.

Swift and safe transportation

Transportation itself takes place in clean, well maintained removal vehicles, specially equipped for such purposes. The vans we operate are fitted with hoists and latching for heavy lifting, they also use satellite navigation systems. All vehicles are stocked with fresh removal blankets before every removal.

We are available for booking seven days a week, and maintain good short notice availability throughout the N8 postal area.

Not having to deal with the removal on your own, means more free time and energy to be out and about – doing what you feel like. Check out some of the places of interest around Turnpike Lane. The locality grew around a train station, but was bearing the name of a road that crossed the district. The former name of Turnpike Lane is Tottenham Lane. The area did in fact have a road turnpike at one stage, it also had a tollgate – the only tollgate on this side of London. During the second half of the nineteenth century, the turnpike and toll system was abolished altogether, thus the toll gate that stood at the turnpike was demolished. Turnpike Lane’s first train station was completed and put into operation in nineteen thirty two. Around the station, grew a decent cluster of shops, services and businesses, at one time the local high street so to say, even had its own cinema. The overall appearance of the commercial zone, can be described as pronounced art deco. Many people view Turnpike Lane as a commercial low-rent overspill of other nearby areas. Socially, Turnpike Lane is a diverse area with multicultural population.