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We are a seasoned moving company that will easily handle your upcoming relocation for you. If you are wondering why you should hire our moving company and not another, the answer is quite simple: we are the relocation team that sets the standard for high quality removals in North Harrow.

We are perfectionists who aim for excellence. For us anything else than a flawless execution is considered as a failure and failure isn’t acceptable because our reputation of highly capable removalists is everything for us. This means that we will never do something that may compromise our reputation. So if you are looking to hire moving company that will do everything possible to provide you high end moving services, know that we are the perfect choice.

Safe removals and full insurance for North Harrow projects

North-Harrow-cheap-van-removalOur immense experienced has shown us that most people feel uncomfortable entrusting their belongings or office equipment to people that they don’t know. This is why we have fully insured our services. This way we can be held liable for any loses and damages that happen during the execution of the relocation on which we are working. However please keep in mind that to date we have never forgotten something behind and more importantly we have never had any accidents or issues. This means that up to now our insurance policy has only served the purpose of a safety net and we are planning on keeping things that way for a very long time.
At the moment we are the only relocation company in the area that does specialised heavy duty removals. We invested into the necessary equipment that would allow us to offer the service. With the aid of our moving instruments we are able to transport:

  1. Industrial machines
  2. Oversized and ultra heavy items
  3. Specialized office and manufacturing equipment

North-Harrow-StationSo if you are facing a heavy duty removal in North Harrow, don’t waste time scouting the area and call us as soon as you can, so that we can begin planning your removal.

We are based in the suburban area of North Harrow. North Harrow lies in North West London and is part of the London Borough of Harrow. The area lies in the HA1 and HA2 postal code districts. The parish church of St. Alban is arguably the most renowned landmark of the area. The church was built during the first half of the 20th century and is classified as an Anglican church. The area is also home to several of London’s most prolific junior, primary and secondary schools. North Harrow is one of London’s most desirable residential suburbs and is mostly inhabited by the middle and upper-middle class of London. This is why the area has an affluence that is slightly above the capital’s average.