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It is amazing how a specially organised removal solution can make such a tremendous difference in turning seemingly impossible property relocations into straightforward, efficient projects. If you too appreciate the importance of a quality removal service, and currently looking to secure one, then you have every reason and excuse to contact Removals Maze Hill and let us deal with the situation effectively.

Being a professional moving company with many years of experience under our belt, we are more than prepared and capable to deal with domestic removals, business removals, office removals, piano removals, furniture removals, junk removals, rubbish removals and all sorts of other removal services. If you wish, we can also arrange for custom tailored service packages to cover specific needs and budget requirements without excess costs.

Speaking of cost, you will be pleasantly surprised by the affordability, cost efficiency and coverage of our moving services. The company will:

  • Supply customers with free of charge, no obligation quotes without any hidden fees;
  • Provide fair pricing that corresponds to the specs of the removal;

In order to keep your items away from damage and misplacement during handling and transportation, we employ only qualified movers and experienced drivers all of whom know their work inside out. Nevertheless, we do have full liability insurance and recommend using our specialised packing service for extra peace of mind. If you wish to do your own packing, just let us know and we will supply a kit of packing materials needed for the task.

Various removal options for Maze Hill clients

Convenience and coverage are quite important aspects of our removals and in light of this:

  • We maintain nationwide coverage on all deliveries and do pickups throughout London and surrounding areas;
  • We have punctual and attentive round the clock customer support, available seven days a week;
  • We provide valuable removal advisory throughout the entire relocation;
  • We offer excellent midweek discounts on all removals;
  • We have more than sufficient transportation means in the form of different size, wheelbase and payload capacity removal vehicles;
  • We coordinate each stage of every removal through our dedicated call centre;
  • We have customers support available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week;

Our Maze Hill removal team has good short notice availability in the SE10 postal area.

Train station in Maze Hill, SE10While we deal with the removal, take a quick walk through Maze Hill and get to know the area you are moving to, or out of. Maze Hill most likely takes its name from an actual turf maze in Blackheath, though the real name of the district is in fact May’s Hill, named after seventeenth century local resident Sir Algernon May. The first major industry in the area was gravel extraction. When the gravel pits were exhausted, the land was sold off to smaller owners for redevelopment. Eventually, smaller owners were sort of pushed out by wealthier people like scholars and naval officers who had the money to buy land and build stately homes. An interesting landmark in Maze Hill is the mock medieval Vanbrugh Castle, build in the seventeen hundreds by the great dramatist and architect Sir John Vanbrugh.