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Foots-Cray-St-Monicas-ChurchAs an experienced man and van company we know very well how quickly a simple relocation can transform into a time and energy consuming pit. However we also know how to prevent this from happening and even more we know how to deal with complications when they occur. So if you don’t have the confidence, time or energy to handle your upcoming relocation, keep calm and give us a call because we will happily lend you a hand.

We are a moving company that has been in the removal business for some years and throughout them we have worked on both small and large removal projects. In fact the only thing that all removal projects on which we have worked have in common is that we have managed to complete all of them with flying colors. We always provide to our clients removal services that go above and beyond their expectations because we are professionals that value excellence and because we believe that our clients deserve the best possible removals in Foots Cray.

Removals and packing in the Foots Cray area

Foots Cray luton vanAt the moment we are highly popular for our packing services. It is like this because we can quickly and easily pack anything from large and rigid items to small and fragile ones. We use the best and most efficient packing tools that are on the market because we want our clients to have the peace of mind that their possessions are packed in a proper and safe manner. Also take into account that we use only eco-friendly packing materials that are 100% recyclable and reusable. We use such packing supplies because we want to play our role into the battle for the preservation of nature.

Speaking of packing tools we want you to know that we are the moving company in Foots Cray with the largest arsenal of man and van instruments and the best thing about this fact is that we rent out every single one of our moving tools at highly affordable rental fees. So if you are in the need of a forearm forklift, furniture dolly, hand truck and so on don’t be shy to call us. By using our moving tools you will not just speed up your relocation but you will convert your removal Foots Cray based into a pleasant and not so laborious endeavor.

Our trained and licensed technicians are seasoned in carrying out removals in Foots Cray and they know exactly what and how to deliver so that highest levels of customer satisfaction are achieved, while keeping the price of the removal in Foots Cray at a reasonable rate. We continue to work hard on advancing our methods, so that we can offer you a better service every day.

Other aspects of our removal company that set us above the other removalists in the area are:

  1. We maintain a 24/7 customer support
  2. We are fully insured
  3. We provide both inner-city and inter-city removals
  4. We provide junk collection services
  5. We work with a flexible schedule and pricelist

As we mentioned above we operated mainly in the London area of Foots Cray. The area is located in East London and is part of the London Borough of Bexley. The area of Foots Cray is neighbored by the area of Sidcup and the London Borough of Bromley. The area is connected to the parts of the city via numerous bus routes that pass through Foots Cray.

Foots Cray and what it is known to be

The name Foots Cray DA14 is apparently connected to the river Cray and can be traced as far back in time as the compilation of the Domesday Book. Ever since that time Foots Cray was inhabited and vibrant activities were carried out on its territory. The best known landmark here is the Foots Cray stable block and the gardens that come with it under the protection of the English Heritage.